About Futouris

Get to know the people behind the organisation.


Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected by the General Assembly for two years. The Executive Board is assisted by the Scientific Advisory Board.

Prof. Dr. Harald Zeiss


Ulrike Braun

Vice Chairwoman

Dr. Larissa Wolf

Executive Board Member for Finances

Friederike Grupp

Executive Board Member

Dr. Christian Baumgartner

Co-opted Executive Board Member, Representative of the Scientific Advisory Board

Lucienne Damm

(in maternital leave)


The German Travel Association (DRV) and the Austrian Travel Association (ÖRV) support the objectives of Futouris and are commited patrons of Futouris.

Norbert Fiebig

President of the German Travel Association (DRV)
Patron of Futouris

Dr. Josef Peterleithner

President of the Austrian Travel Association (ÖRV)
Patron of Futouris

Honorary Members

The honorary members initiated Futouris and played a key role in the founding phase as board members.

Jens Hulvershorn

Director Sales Gebeco GmbH & Co KG
Founding Board Member

Andreas Koch

Managing Director blueContec GmbH
Founding Board Member

Arne Ahrens

Managing Director blueContec GmbH
Founding Board Member


In coordination with the Executive Board the team manages the organisation, coordinates the projects and works as contact partners for the members, project partners and the press.

Inga Meese

Managing Director Futouris e.V.
+49 (0) 30 2789 0333
+49 (0) 30 2759 3654

Caroline Steimle

Managing Director Futouris e.V.
+ 49 (0) 30 2789 0182
+ 49 (0) 30 2759 3654

Anja Renner

Senior Manager Projects & Communications
+49 (0) 30 278 90182
+49 (0) 30 2759 3654

Swantje Lehners

Management Board