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Do you have a project idea or access to a project that is particularly worthy of support from the areas of social responsibility, environmental and climate protection and economic independence? Then please contact us!
Futouris is always looking for new projects, from the initial idea to the implementation phase. To begin with, new project suggestions are reviewed by the Executive Board and the Management Board based on our sustainability criteria. You will receive an initial feedback, as to whether your project idea can be considered for support in general.
Then you can inform yourself on the basis of the respective project character, which contributions are made to the individual pillars through Futouris projects:


I. Sociocultural Responsibility

Tourism lives on cultural diversity and can make a long-term contribution to intercultural understanding. With Futouris projects, on the one hand we want to build bridges, to promote understanding for other people and cultures and on the other, to preserve the enjoyment of cultural diversity and differences.

• Preservation and strengthening of regional cultural identity. It is the objective of Futouris projects to protect regional cultural differences and thus to secure the long-term diversity of destinations. For example, we support the conservation of cultural heritages and the culturally sensible rebuilding of cities, villages and buildings. Thus, regional independent habitats are preserved, which offer a high quality of life for the population and are attractive to visitors.

• Promotion of intercultural understanding and exchange as well as the conservation of culturally independent traditions. Futouris projects live on the empathy of the participants. As tourism entrepreneurs, we have a great interest in continuing to be able to experience the diversity of cultures. To achieve this, projects are developed that make a contribution to ensuring the preservation of the respective destinations for the future. Both the local population and the tourists or the employees of the member companies are involved.


II. Economic Independence

• Creating and securing quality of life. Futouris projects build bridges to achieve economic independence and promote measures in this context, dealing directly or indirectly with the building of relevant knowledge and competence. Support is also focused on the establishment of small economic chains, enabling the building of an independent existence. Here, the connection to the tourism industry can offer support and is strongly encouraged as part of the economic pillar of sustainability.


III. Environmental and Climate Protection

It is Futouris’ mission to optimise the sustainability performance at the destinations. In doing so, environmental and climate protection play an important role. Here, in addition to classic ecological measures, Futouris mainly promotes exemplary innovative solutions and infrastructures for environmental and climate protection.

• Improvement of the environmental conditions through infrastructure optimisation measures – energy, water, waste, transport – we want to help to improve the living situation in our partner countries. In doing so, the following basic principle applies: Sustainable development is not possible without an intact environment.

• Conservation of biological diversity Experience and adventures in nature are an important aspect of human quality of life and are essential in the planning of recreation and leisure. For this reason, Futouris is explicitly dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and the protection and regeneration of sensitive habitats.
Biological diversity is the basis for our nutrition and health and gives inspiration for future innovations. The alarming loss of genetic diversity, species and habitats around the world is impoverishing our nature and thus also threatening human livelihood. A balanced combination of protection and utilisation of biological diversity therefore counts among the key issues for our future.

• Contribution to climate protection. Futouris promotes climate protection projects together with selected partners. These projects may involve compensation measures, e.g. to reduce CO2 emissions, or the promotion of preventative measures for active climate protection, e.g. the building of dykes, which optimally blend into the landscape of the destination.