Economic integration of young people, Morocco

Taroudant lies about 80 km from the Moroccan capital Agadir. The city has about 70.000 inhabitants and is often described as the little sister of Marrakesh because of its old town wall and the Medina build from clay, dating back to the beginning of the 18th century. Even though some regions, especially the coastal ones, profit through tourismus, the inlands are still characterized by a very traditional way if life.

The economic situation of Taroudant is critical. More than half of the families earn less than the national average of 1.500 € per head/year. Although compulsory education is mandatory in Morocco, only 55% of the children between 7 and 13 years are sent to school, so only one out of three is able to read and write. Many young people leave school to work as shoe polishers, luggage carriers and illegal guides. About 17% of the inhabitants are unemployed and especially the young people are often emigrating to Europe.

AHLI offers young people the opportunity to an professional education e.g. in wood carving, cobbling, weaving and leather handcraft. Established craftmen from Taroudant and its environment are involved in offering the education. Apart from that, the young people are educated in reading, writing, foreign languages and maths. Also the use of computers is taught.

Project goals:

The TUI project bases on the AHLI program and support young people in the important phase of starting a career after their education: They should learn to be independent and live on the revenues of their own products.

In the course of the project a workshop for the young graduates has been rented and equipped. The young professionals get materials for the first months of working and are supported by experienced craftmen. Apart fom that in the Souk of Taroudant a AHLI shop has been rented. Here young craftmen can sell their products to tourists and local people and become economically independent.

This step supports the traditional handicraft of Morocco and enables visitors to buy fair and local souvenirs.

Project profile

Project location
Taroudant, Morocco
Project sponsor
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Project duration
2 years
Project coordinator
Ali Merzoug
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project organisation: AHLI Association
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