Wind farm Burgaz, Turkey

The wind farm Burgaz is located near the village Cevizli in the Gallipoli district. The region is very popular for tourists for the antique city of Troy is to be found here. The on-shore wind farm operates since 2007 and includes 18 turbines that together generate 14.9 MW power. The approximate 52 GWh per year are fed into the national power supply through newly laid power lines. In this way, the energy deficit of Turkey is reduced in an environment friendly way and building more thermal power plants can be prevented. Due to this project, more than 33,000 tons of CO2 can be saved.


Why compensate?
Even when carefully planned, conferences produce unavoidable emissions. That is why the CO2 emissions of this year’s DRV conference in Abu Dhabi shall be widely compensated with the help of the myclimate Gold Standard Climate Protection Project “Wind farm Burgaz”. Furthermore, the brochures of the DRV conference are made of recycling paper and printed with CO2 neutral ecological colors as well as sustainably produced and long-lasting advertising materials are being used.

The compensation contribution of the participants for the three-day long event including the travel costs is determined at 34 Euro per person and can be paid voluntarily after adding this cost item in the booking process.

Project goals:

Besides of the ecological component the wind farm Burgaz strengthens the region both economically and in a sociocultural way. Due to the fact that the project has been running for seven years now, the success is clearly recognizable. The building of the power plant created long-term jobs, diverse projects concerning the development of the plant infrastructure in the region were supported as well as social projects in the adjacent districts. The preservation of local cultural monuments is supported financially and new sanitary facilities were built. Moreover, the establishment of an information center should raise the townspeople's awareness of environmental-friendly energy production and alternative technologies. Wind energy is a good alternative to meet the energy needs of Turkey lastingly.

Project profile

Project location
Burgaz, Çanakkale province, Turkey
Project start
Project duration
7 years
Project partner
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Swantje Lehners

Managing Director Projects & Cooperations - on maternity leave
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