Avoiding Food Waste, Mediterranean region

According to recent estimates, approximately one third of food is thrown away every year. The German hotel industry alone produces each year 200.000 tons of food waste. About 50% of this waste could be avoided. It is very likely that the figures look the same in other countries: The baseline study “sustainable food” has witnessed that in the surveyed hotels in Turkey and on Gran Canaria, 60% of the purchased food was thrown away. This figure is alarming – but it can be reduced through systematic measures along the value-added chain.

During this project, food waste measurements in partner hotels of the Futouris members are carried out in cooperation with United Against Waste e.V. to find out where waste can be reduced. The aim is to measure how much food waste is generated in the individual hotel divisions with the help of a waste analysis tool. Over a period of several weeks, the participating hotels measure food waste in the following divisions: logistics, production, buffet and table waste. United Against Waste e.V. draws on these findings to calculate concrete figures for the entire industry. Checklists and a catalogue with recommendations for reducing food waste in hotels will then be developed. Before starting into the next holiday season, the executive chefs will come together in round table meetings for an exchange and think of possible improvement measures.

Concerned hotel employees will then be trained according to the “train the trainer” principle. After implementing the developed solutions, food waste will again be measured in all participating hotels to evaluate the project’s success.

Project goals:

The project aims at initially reducing food waste in the kitchen, on the buffet and on guest plates in all participating hotels. Easily comprehensible checklists and a devised a catalogue with recommendations allow for a transfer of the findings to the entire industry.

News about this project


Futouris project siginficantly reduces food waste in hotels

Approximately 400 kilograms less food waste per week and a reduction of up to 26,5000 Euro operational cost per season and hotel: This is the final result of the project “Avoiding Food Waste” in which a project team toured three countries, seven hotels and eleven restaurants for a period of 55 weeks.

Final food waste measurement in hotels

In a final food waste measurement in the "Avoiding food waste" project, the project team is on its way to find out how effectively the hotels have reduced food waste. The hotels' task was to implement three measures in their daily business to reduce food waste during summer season.

Hotels start implementation phase in summer

During the summer months, the participating hotels in the "Avoiding food waste" project adopted a range of measures which have been previsously developped in a workshop and which aim to reduce food waste during breakfast, lunch and dinner times.

Successful Workshops and Round Tables on Avoiding Food Waste in Hotels on Rhodes and in Calabria

Workshops and round table meetings for hotel employees have taken place on Rhodes and in Calabaria end of May to commonly develop measures to reduce food waste. During this summer season, it is up to the hotels to implement at least three measurements to reduce food waste.

Avoidance of food waste: identifying potential savings

In six participating hotels of the Sustainable Food model project "Avoidance of food waste", measurements of the food waste in the areas of breakfast, lunch and dinner were carried out.

United against Food Waste: Kick-off of our Sustainable Food model project

The game is on: from 19th to 21st of September the kick-off events for the Sustainable Food project "Avoidance of food waste" took place in five hotels on the Greek island of Rhodes. The employess of the participating hotels were familiarized with the waste analysis tool and got all important information about the project as well as the practical implementation.

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Mediterranean region
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1.5 years
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United Against Waste e.V. / raimannConcepts
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