Tourism Academy at the NFA Girls Center Windhoek

Anna-Marie Shikusho loves soccer. Together with the other girls at the "NFA Girls Center" in Windhoek, Namibia, she would like to be on the field every day. For here she not only trains her endurance, tactics and shooting techniques, but also teamwork and self-confidence. But Anna-Marie Shikusho knows that only a few can make a living by playing soccer. That is why she is happy that she can now make a vocational training in sustainable tourism: "Training is a big step for my future dual career. It will have a great impact on my life, I am happy about it, "says the 21-year-old. She is one of twelve young women at the "NFA Girls Center", a movement and learning center for girls and young women who have received a scholarship for the course.

Protected space creates perspectives
The training was made possible by the cooperation between the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the partners TUI Care Foundation and Futouris e.V. The BMZ uses the enthusiasm for sport in developing countries to convey values ​​and knowledge to children and adolescents. In Namibia, they focus on the promotion of girls and young women: the rates for new HIV infections and teenager pregnancies are high. And many girls lack professional perspectives. Together with the Namibian Football Association (NFA), the BMZ has therefore set up the "NFA Girls Center" in Windhoek. In the "Girls Center", the girls and young women not only have a shelter in which they can play soccer, but they also receive offers for school and vocational training - such as the training in tourism and hospitality, Anna-Marie Shikusho and the 11 other young women will now begin.

The training itself is financed by scholarships from the TUI Care Foundation: Within a year the young women now learn everything important about "Restaurant Management" and get an insight into the tourism industry in Namibia. If the education is successfully completed, there will be an internationally recognized certificate and thus a good opportunity for the young women to find a job. This is a perfect match for Anna-Marie Shikusho: she can not only keep on going regularly with her girlfriends on the soccer field, but also make a meaningful training.

Cooperation between German Development Cooperation and Sustainable Tourism
The cooperation between BMZ, the TUI Care Foundation and Futouris e. V. was decided on in March 2016 and immediately put into practice. In a pilot project, 20 girls from the "NFA Girls Center" were able to attend a three - month preparatory course in the hospitality industry and apply for the Scholarships. Twelve of them have already begun with the training.

The BMZ has been using "Sport for Development" since 2013 in Namibia as an instrument for HIV prevention and the promotion of young girls and women - jointly with local and international partners. The idea of ​​the approach is to provide children and adolescents with knowledge about topics such as health and HIV prevention, prevention of violence, education, inclusion and gender equality - as part of sporting activities. In cooperation with Futouris e.V. and the TUI Care Foundation, specially developed courses on continuing vocational training in sustainable tourism are offered in Namibia.

News about this project


First TUI Academy scholars in Windhoek start their professional career

In the joint project “Tourism Academy at the NFA Girls Centre Windhoek”, the first five female scholars have received their certificate. The other girls currently complete their practical training and will receive their certificate in July 2018.

Start of full-year course for Diploma “Restaurant Management”

12 students have been awarded a full-year schoarship to study for a Diploma in Restaurant Management. Now, on 1st February 2017, all 12 girls reported for their first day of class.

Excursion to Okonjima Lodge

The twelve graduates started their training program with a 4-day tour to the Okonjima Lodge offerd by the AfriCat Foundation, where they participated in an environmental education program.

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Windhoek, Namibia
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24 months
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GIZ on behalf of BMZ
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