Total quality training for hotel employees in Tunisia

The tourism sector is highly relevant for Tunisia’s overall economic climate. However, demand for travel to Tunisia has decreased in recent years due to Arab Spring which started in 2011 and following political instability. This development weakened the positive economic effect of the tourism sector and impacted, among others, the service quality in the hotel industry. Since the end of 2016, travel bookings have increased again which shows that holiday-makers have regained trust in the country, also due to the improved safety measures in touristic zones. As a Futouris member company, Thomas Cook is highly interested in re-establishing Tunisia’s former position as an attractive holiday destination. As a result, Thomas Cook supports and promotes the long-term employment opportunities within the region.

Prior to the project launch, stakeholder interviews were carried out in Thomas Cook’s business environment which revealed following possible main reasons for the quality deficiency:

  • Lack of practical experience in hotel education / lack of high-quality continuous trainings in the hotels
  • Low employee motivation / low motivation to start an education in the hotel industry
  • Lack of awareness regarding sustainability

Focus on continuous training

The project “Total quality training for hotel employees in Tunisia“ focuses on the development of an extensive continuous training programme for hotel employees. This programme is designed to qualify hotel employees with the aim to increase service quality and raise awareness of sustainability. As a result, the project aims to promote the regional tourism development and employment opportunities in the long-term.

The need of qualification will be determined in a first on-site analysis and workshops with the six participating hotels and its employees and managers. Further workshops with various stakeholders, including the Tunisian hotel association FTH and experts from Thomas Cook, support this first step. All results will then be combined in an extensive training concept. This training concept will be tested in Thomas Cook Hotels & Resorts pilot hotels. After a second round of adjustment, the concept will then be introduced in a wide range of Tunisian hotels.

Once the project is finalised, all results as well as the developed workshop and training concepts and materials will be made available for the entire tourism industry.

This project is carried out in in addition to the “Practice oriented education for hotel employees in Tunisia” development partnership in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

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Together for improved quality and sustainability: Success through an innovative bottom-up approach

In the project of Thomas Cook and Futouris for an improved training programme for hotel employees in Tunisia has been made some significant progress: In cooperation with the project partners and a local consultant a three-stage training programme was developed which was tested in six pilot hotels in spring and autumn.

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Project location
Hammamet and Djerba, Tunisia
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1.5 years
Project partner
Compass GmbH
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Swantje Lehners

Managing Director Projects & Cooperations
+ 49 (0) 40 - 809034 - 4055