Taste the culture, Turkey

 „What do we eat today?“ – a very important question, not only at home, but also on holidays. Also for the many travelers who are visiting the Turkish Aegean, one of the most popular holiday regions in Turkey. They are often very interested in Turkish culture, lifestyle and healthy living. And in the Turkish cuisine of course.

Many Turkish hotel chefs already buy local food, in part also directly from local producers. Nevertheless, the regional network between agricultural producers and purchasers from the hotel branch can be further promoted. Apart from that, the concept of organic food is often unknown to Turkish hotel chefs. There is a great potential wo enhance the use of organic food.

"Taste the culture" comprises two project periods:

  • In the first period the hotel staff is trained based on the "Sustainable Food Manual" regarding the purchasing, storing and processing of organic and sustainable food.

One project module comprises the visit of an organic farm (Degirmen-Farm in Davutlar) which is managed by our project partner Gürsel Tonbul. Gürsel Tonbul is one of the most popular Turkish producers of organic food. As an expert for organic agriculture and regional purchasing she runs trainings and shares her knowledge. In collaboration with the trainees she will develop implementation measures for their hotels as well as sustainable menus.


  • In the second step, the presentation and communication of the sustainable food is improved.

Sustainable food can be fun. More so, if travelers get information about what they eat. That is why the second aim of the project is to develop and improve presentation and communication methods to enable the guests to experience a sustainable diet. Guests and hotel staff will test methods, activities and materials like information signs on the buffet, cooking classes or digital instruments and give their feedback. This project phase will be implemented in close collaboration with the industry model project “Sustainable Food – Guest communication” by Prof. Dr. Dagmar Lund-Durlacher and her team of the MODUL-Universiy Wien.

Ten hotels from the Kusadasi region will participate in the project. The training material and the project results will be prepared in a way to enable their distribution to all interested hotels in Turkey and worldwide.

Project goals:

The project aims at enhancing the offer of regional and organic food in the hotel branch. The hotels get expertise how their F&B teams can develop a sustainable food offer and how to communicate it to their guests. Local traders, farmers and other food producers will profit as well. Apart from that, by enhancing the demand for sustainable products a transformation process to organic food will be promoted.

Improved communication about sustainable food can enhance guest satisfaction. The awareness for the benefits of sustainable food will be enhanced and the participants will become advocates for sustainable buffets in hotels.

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Local heroes on the Turkish Buffet

Within the "Taste the Culture" project, the instruments for communicating sustainable food to guests have initially been tested in a Turkish hotel in Kusadasi. First conclusion: Local heroes lead to a more sustainable consumption.

„Taste the culture“ – Experiencing regional and sustainable food culture in holiday hotels

Sustainable food is enjoyable and pleasant and even more so if you are actively provided with information on what you are eating. A sustainable food offer is not only a competitive advantage but also offers great potential - especially by training hotel employees as well as appropriately presenting and communication the sustainable offer.

Project profile

Project location
Turkish Aegean
Project sponsor
Project start
Project duration
2 years
Project coordinators
Gürsel Tonbul, Degirmen Eko Yatirim / Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, MODUL University Wien
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Swantje Lehners

Managing Director Projects & Cooperations - on maternity leave
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