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Model project: Reducing Food Waste

Model project: Sustainable Food Waste - Guest Communication


Love goes through your stomach - this is especially true about the love to our favourite holiday destination.

The culinary offerings of hotels, restaurants and on trips are an important part of the traveler's holiday experience. A region's traditional and typical food and drinks fulfill the wish for an authentic holiday experience.

At the same time the the food production, processing and disposal is linked with diverse sustainability challenges. Emissions arise e.g. from the production in heated greenhouses or from long ways of transport, while the artificial watering of agricultural areas contributes to the global water consumption. Other aspects are negative implications for the environment by conventional food production as well as animal protection. By promoting local supply chains income possibilities for local farmers can be generated.

Provider of touristic services in holiday destinations have a big potential to strengthen local farmers and food producers with a sustainable purchasing policy and initiate transformation processes, e.g. to organic food production. Apart from that they can contribute with their own food processing and presentation to a sustainable dish offer.

The members of Futouris e.V. consider it of importance to promote a sustainable range of culinary offerings on holiday. That is why they want to develop a more sustainable range of dishes and drinks in hotels and on cruise ships and to promote local supply chains. At the same time guests get the chance to experience the quality and special features of country-specific, locally and sustainably produced food during their vacation and get impulses for a more sustainable diet in their daily life.

Project goals:

The objective of the project is the development of a comprehensive and applicable manual for the providers of touristic services to increase the range of sustainbly produced food and drinks.

So far, only few information about the relevance of sustainable food for travelers exist. Furthermore, knowledge about the possibilities of tourism providers to offer their guests sustainable culinary experiences is also missing. Therefore, in a first step several aspects of the gastronomy are examined with the help of a demand and offer analysis. Subsequently, an english manual will be developed in order to support touristic providers with the development, implementation and marketing of their sustainable dish offers.

After the scientific groundwork and the development of the manual in the spring of 2016 the results will be tested in practice. Two pilot projects in holiday destinations will be implemented. The developed recommendations will be implemented, tested and further developed by Futouris' members.

The first model project will evaluate the question how a sustainable range of food and drink offers can be communicated to hotel and cruise ship guests. In a participatory process the project team develops and tests four to five communication instruments in collaboration with partner hotels. Subsequently, a practical manual will be developed.

The second model project focuses on the reduction of food waste. With the help of an waste-analysis-tool the amount of waste in partner hotels will be evaluated in order to develop specific recommendations for action. In another step, relevant hotel stuff will be trained to understand the potential for the reduction of food waste in their own hotels.

News about this project


Employees of Turkish TUI Blue hotels successfully trained in Sustainable Food

As part of the implementation phase of the joint members project "Sustainable Food", the first Sustainable Food Staff Training by Futouris took place in Turkey at the beginning of April with our member company TUI Group.

Sustainable Food – Knowledge partnership with PATA

Since autumn 2017, PATA – Pacific Asian Travel Association – and Futouris e.V. have agreed to a knowledge partnership with focus on the Futouris industry project „Sustainable Food“. Learn more about the food waste campaign „BUFFET - Building an Understanding For Food Excess in Tourism“ which has been launched in 2018.

Nachhaltig genießen – gerade im Urlaub

Wichtiger Meilenstein im Branchenprojekt Sustainable Food erreicht: Auf der diesjährigen ITB wurde als zentrales Ergebnis der ersten Projektphase ein Praxishandbuch zur Nutzung in Tourismusbetrieben vorgestellt. Nun werden die darin beschriebenen Empfehlungen in den Urlaubsländern in die Tat umgesetzt.

Leistungsträgererhebungen in den Zielgebieten erfolgreich abgeschlossen

Der erste wichtige Meilenstein im Projekt „Sustainable Food“ ist abgeschlossen- in ausgewählten Zielgebieten wurden touristische Unternehmen zu Chancen und Risiken bzgl. Nachhaltigkeit im gastronomischen Angebot befragt.

Kundenbefragung zum Thema "Sustainable Food" erfolgreich gestartet

Im Rahmen des Projekts "Sustainable Food" ist gerade die Kundenbefragung angelaufen: Was denken die Gäste über nachhaltige Ernährung im Urlaub?

Neues aus unserem Branchenprojekt "Sustainable Food"

Diese Woche endete die Bewerbungsfrist für unser Branchenprojekt „Sustainable Food“. Die Ausschreibung ist auf großes Interesse gestoßen und es sind eine Reihe von Bewerbungen in der Geschäftsstelle eingegangen.

Project profile

Project location
Mediterranean region
Project sponsors
Project start
Project duration
6 months
Project coordinator
Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, MODUL Universität Wien
Futouris contact

Swantje Lehners

Managing Director Projects & Cooperations - on maternity leave
+ 49 (0) 40 - 809034 - 4055

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