Sustainable Food with focus on avoiding food waste in Spain

The Futouris industry project “Sustainable Food” demonstrated that staff sensitization and staff training is one of the key factors and basis for the anchoring of sustainable F&B processes and patterns in the job. Moreover, the positive effect of food waste measurements was verified in order to avoid and reduce preventable food waste.

The project of schauinsland reisen takes up findings and measurements out of the „Sustainable Food“ project and implements those ones in the R2 Hotels in Spain. In a first step approx. 30members of the F&B teams of R2 Rio Calma Hotel in Fuerteventura and R2 Bahia Cala Ratjada in Mallorca will be trained by the project partner COMPASS. Contents will be – amongst other – sustainable purchasing of food e.g. local and seasonal products as well as avoidance of food waste.

The second phase of the project focusses entirely on the reduction of food waste. Supported by the non-profit organization United Against Waste the two hotels will measure and analyse their food waste during a four-week period. Together with the employees of the pilot hotel United Against Waste will develop actions to reduce food waste which will be tested in these hotels from July on for about 12 weeks. In order to examine the success of the developed actions the amount of food waste will be measured and analysed after the implementation phase again.

Successfully implemented and effective-reducing measurements will be transferred in further R2-Hotels.

With project closure realized results and proven measurements to reduce food waste will be published and provided.

Project goals:

  • Training of hotel staff, increase in awareness and sensitization of the importance of sustainable food, sustainable behaviour and potential to act sustainably in the daily job
  • Reduction of food waste by changing internal processes, patterns and optimized food production chain

Project profile

Project location
Project start
Project duration
9 Monate
Project partners
COMPASS GmbH / United Against Waste e.V.