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Travel agencies are getting green. That's the motto the futourists follow with the QTA in their new project „ReisebüroÖkologie“ (travel agency ecology). As a training partner for the about 7000 travel agencies of QTA serves Travelife, who ensure that all aspects concerning sustainable tourism are considered.

Today, tourism companies are expected to act responsibly with the social and environmental impacts of their offers. Travel agencies often are small companies who are in need of a specific training to meet the sustainability  requirements.

The consulting activity in travel agencies is essential for the distribution of sustainable tourism. The training of travel agencies' owners and employees for an environmentally friendly handling of resources and an understanding of sustainability is a first step in that direction. That's why the focus of „ReisebüroÖkologie“ lies on practical and directly results-driven topics. This can be realised through the development of action plans, their implementation and the installation of sustainability managers in the travel agencies. Specific costumer advice shall build the base for an increased demand for sustainable trip offers and for responsible traveling.

The "GSTC recognized" certification system from Travelife offers an stringent, internationally recognised, scientifically developed technique closely related to real-life situations. The modular structure enables an increasingly deepening continuation of the training and implementation contens. The introductory modul to the topic CSR refers to the everday-day routines. Because of the practical orientation and the achievement of self-defined goals a high level of identification with sustainability can be developed. The project can directly lead to more environmentally friendly measures in travel agencies concerning energy savings, better use of renewable energy, decreasement of paper and material usage and increased purchases of sustainable products.

Project goals:

The main objective is the development and introduction of a training and reporting platform as a support for german travel agencies which want to introduct an internal environmental management. That is how environmental pollution by travel agencies can be reduced and knowledge about sustainability and tourism can be improved. The basic training for environmental management in travel agencies incorporates the moduls energy, purchasement of non-touristic services, water use, paper use, waste, mobility and knowledge enhancement. Apart from that sustainability managers shall be established in order to continue the transformation with further moduls about sustainable tourism.

Futouris supports the travel agencies with a customized sensitization program which enables an immediate introduction to sustainability and CSR.

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Das Reisebüro wird grün

Die Reisebüro-Kooperationsallianz QTA hat am Rande eines Branchentreffens ihr neues Futouris-Patenprojekt „ReisebüroÖkologie“ präsentiert. Das Ziel des ehrgeizigen Plans: das Thema Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus in den rund 7.000 Mitgliedsbüros mit einer Reihe abgestimmter Maßnahmen langfristig zu verankern.

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