Reducing Food Waste at Red Sea Hotels

The Futouris industry project “Sustainble Food” demonstrated that staff sensitization and staff training is one of the key factors and basis for the anchoring of sustainable F&B processes and patterns in the job. Moreover, the positive effect of food waste measurements was verified in order to avoid and reduce preventable food waste.

The ETI project takes up findings and measurements out of the „Sustainable Food“ project and implements those ones in the Red Sea Hotels. In a first step, the quality management of Red Sea Hotels develops internal training materials based on the Sustainable Food Staff Trainings und adapts those onto the Egyptian context - supported and briefed by MODUL University Vienna and Futouris e.V.. Staff of among others the F&B and service departments, hygiene management; stewarding and finance department of all Red Sea Hotels will be trained over a period of about six months.

After laying the fundamental understanding for sustainability in the kitchen, sustainable procurement and acting sustainably in the daily routine, the focus of the second phase lays on the avoidance and reduction of food waste. In a workshop with United Against Waste e.V., internal processes and patterns will be captured and preparations for food waste measurements will be made. In a pilot hotel, food waste will be measured and analysed over a period of about a year. Actions to reduce food waste will be developed. Successfully implemented and effective-reducing measurements will be transferred in all Red Sea-Hotels.

With project closure, realized results and proven measurements to reduce food waste will be published and provided.

Project goals:

  • Training of hotel staff, increase in awareness and sensitization of the importance of sustainability, sustainable behaviour and potential to act sustainably in the daily job
  • Reduction of food waste by changing internal processes, patterns and optimized food production chain
  • Support of local suppliers and networks by amended procurement processes and logistics

News about this project


Over 180 employees of Red Sea Hotels have been trained in Sustainable Food so far

The ambitious goal of ETI's project in Egypt is to train all 4,000 employees of the Red Sea Hotels on the topic of “Sustainable Food”. The first trainings took place in in the first hotels and the trained employees of the two hotels have already taken first steps in order to promote sustainable food and to reduce food waste in the hotels.

Project profile

Project location
Project sponsor
Project start
Project duration
12 months
Project coordinator
Red Sea Hotels
Project partners
MODUL University Vienna / United Against Waste e.V.
Futouris contact

Swantje Lehners

Managing Director Projects & Cooperations
+ 49 (0) 40 - 809034 - 4055