Sustainable fishing pleasures, Denmark

For centuries people have been carrying out fishing activities in Denmark. Fishing was a part-time seasonal activity for small farmes besides their main job which enriched their diet. Fishing was carried out in inland waters or near to the coast line, whereby freshwater fishing never was very popular.

Today, anyone in Denmark can try their fishing luck in public waters, provided that they purchased an official fishing license. Only pensioners (>65) or young people (<18) are excempted fom this rule. For freshwater fishing you also need a day ticket for most spots. At Put & Take lakes the owner specifies the prices.

In the last years much time, money and work has been invested to renaturalize meadows, rivers and lakes and help endangered fish stocks to recover. Unlike in Germany where the fishing license is valid for a life-time, fishing licenses in Denmark are granted on a daily, weekly or annual basis. The revenues are in part used for the protection of fish stocks and the renaturalisation of of public waters. In close cooperation of science and politics big successes have been reached with regard to the preservation of fish stocks.

In order to stop overfishing, Denmarkt has strict rules concerning the fishing behaviour. However, these fishing rules vary a lot according to the region and they are only available in Danish. This makes it difficult for german anglers and tourists to comply with the rules. But: Ignorance of the rules is no defence and so some visitors have to pay high fines

This is the reasion why Futouris member dk-ferien has started an initiative to sensitivize and support german anglers and visitors. The sustainable fishing manual presents the most important rules of the Danish Ministry of Fisheries in German and with illustrations of the diverse fish species. Anglers get to know e.g. when certain fish species are allowed to be fished. Because of the sporadically changes of the rules dk-ferien and Futouris will keep the manual up-to-date. In cooperation with the Danish Angling Club and Futouris the manual will be distributed to german speaking tourists in order to improve the fish stocks as well as the fishing trips.

Project goals:

Sensitivation and support of german speaking anglers and tourists with a sustainable fishing manual in order to preserve danish fish stock

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