Information on seal protection in Denmark

Watching seals in the wild, on the beach or on sandbanks is a very special holiday experience. Holidaymakers can do this at the Danish coasts of the North and Baltic Sea almost all year round. In order to protect these cute little sea creatures from the impact of tourism it is important to follow some crucial rules of conduct. This is where dk-Ferien is involved. The Futouris member has designed a vivid brochure for Danish holiday makers that informs about the seals in the North and Baltic Seas and gives tips on how to behave when observing the seals.

Experience seals - the most important information for holidaymakers

Whether to warm oneself in the sun, for the change of the coat or for giving birth – seals go ashore deliberately. Seals on the beach should never be lured, fed or even touched. To observe them one should approach quietly and slowly, but should at least maintain a minimum distance of 100 meters (Marine Mammal Protection Act, 1972).

Seal mothers often leave their cubs alone on land for several hours when they go hunting. The cub calls its mother with a loud howl until she returns from the hunt. This is natural behaviour and does not mean that the cub is orphaned or needs help. Only when people come too close to the little “howler” or even touch it the cub is in danger. The mother may feel disturbed or offended by the smell of people so she may reject her cub. An animal welfare organization should only be informed when a cub or a young seal is heavily emaciated. In the brochure of dk-Ferien guests find information of the most important contact persons.


Project goals:

  • Danish holidaymakers will be informed about the seals in the North and Baltic Sea, their behaviour and threats to them.
  • Guests receive concrete tips and hints on how to act when observing seals at the beach.
  • The brochure will be distributed to all guests of dk-Ferien and will be available on tourism hot spots in Skagen.
  • The brochure will help to raise awareness among the holidaymakers so that they contribute to a tourism that won’t become a burden for the marine life but instead helps the stock to recover.
  • The brochure is designed for kids in particular and intends to lead them to a responsible interaction with marine mammals.


Pictures: © Annika Toth

News about this project


Guests and locals alike are enthused about seal information brochure

The information brochure about seals and how to approach them that was jointly created by dk-ferien and marine biologist Annika Toth enjoyed great popularity last year so that further 10.000 copies were printed and distributed at selected locations in Denmark.

Information brochure about seals is ready

Just in time for the start of the new summer holiday season dk-Ferien and marine biologist Annika Toth have designed an information brochure that provides interesting facts about seals and informs the holidaymakers on how to behave correctly when observing seals.

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