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The Cambodian tourism ministry has ambitious plans: Their goal is to attract seven million tourists to visit the country until 2020. The number of visitors is rising also in the coastal areas around the harbor town Sihanoukville at the Gulf of Siam - tourism has become one of the most important economic sectors. Currently, the tourism industry suffers from a lack of skilled employees: Kitchen and cleaning staff, travel guides, as well as managers and receptionists are urgently needed. However, there is a lack of educational opportunities for young people to take their chance in the growing tourism sector.


This is where the non-profit Don Bosco Hotel School (DBHS) in Sihanoukville comes in: It offers socially disadvantaged young people the opportunity to undergo a biennial, state-approved educational training in the hotel – and hospitality industry. Besides the theoretical training the trainees also learn practical skills in the school-owned hotel with 31 rooms.


Within the framework of their Futouris membership TUI supports the Don Bosco Hotel School in order to sensitize trainees and trainers for sustainability to integrate sustainable hotel management into its educational program. As a basis for that, the hotel where the students get their practical training will be developed into a sustainable hotel.

Ilona Kuhangel (TUI) will be on-site and act as a sustainability coordinator for one year and accompany the transformation process in direct exchange with hotel- and school management, trainers and trainees. Aline van der Meulen, Travelife Representative Asia, advises the Don Bosco Hotel on its way to implement the Travelife sustainability system and develops educational concepts and material for the lectures.


After the kick-off workshop with school- and hotel management and first lectures and excursions with the trainees a Green Team will be eventually founded. The team will develop measures to reduce the use of resources, to improve the waste and wastewater management and to strengthen the use of renewable energy. The long-term goal is to certify the Don Bosco Hotel as the first hotel in Cambodia based on the Travelife system.


The project supports the Don Bosco Hotel to gain new market access in the international tourism industry. As an integral part of the non-profit Don Bosco training center the hotel not only offers its guests an authentic holiday experience but enables their trainees to start a professional life in the tourism sector.

Project goals:

  • Supporting the trainees of the Don Bosco hotel school in developing a fundamental understanding of sustainability and enabling them to apply their knowledge in practice – both in their private as well as in their professional life.
  • Initiating a change process in close collaboration with hotel- and school management, trainers and trainees of the Don Bosco Hotel School and developing and implementing measures to reach more sustainability.
  • Developing lecture material in order to integrate sustainability into the training program of the Don Bosco Hotel School.
  • Enabling the Don Bosco Hotel to gain new market access to the international tourism industry in order to promote the economic autonomy of the hotel.
  • Promoting sustainable tourism in Cambodia through the model character of the Don Bosco Hotel School and the multiplier effect of the trainees.

News about this project


Right on schedule for the new training year: Going Green Guidelines have been finalised

Right on schedule for the new training year, the Going Green Guidelines have been finalised for the Don Bosco Hotel School in Sihanoukville. The Guidelines provide an introduction into the topic of sustainability and practical advice on how the students can apply a sustainability approach in the school’s training hotel.

Clean Neighborhood: Collecting garbage with the Don Bosco Hotel School

To further involve the local community in Don Bosco Hotel School's sustainability initiative, teachers and students in Sihanoukville (Cambodia) have conducted a garbage collection. The students have collected plastic bottles lying around the DBHS. The aim is to talk to the neighbors about environmental protection and to raise awareness on this issue.

Don Bosco Hotel School conducts training for sustainable hotel management

Within the framework of the project, training documents for sustainable hotel management were developed. In the past few weeks training sessions for employees and train-the-trainer workshops have been held for DBHS teachers.

Solid Waste Management in Sihanoukville

Die DBHS beschäftigt sich im Rahmen des Projektes „Sustainable Hotelmanagement“ unter anderem mit dem Thema Abfallentsorgung und Recycling. Vor kurzem stellte die kambodschanische Universitätsabsolventin Haway Dum ihre Bachelorarbeit „Solid Waste Management in Sihanoukville“ vor.

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Project location
Sihanoukville, Cambodia
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2 years
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Don Bosco Mondo e.V.
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Inga Meese

Managing Director Futouris e.V.
+49 (0) 40 - 809034 - 4055

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