Green Search - How to communicate sustainable travel products within travel agencies

Representative studies such as the F.U.R. Travel analysis show: More and more travelers want information about sustainable travel. However, travel agency employees are faced with the problem that the corresponding information on sustainable travel products is not visible in the booking systems, so that they can not advise their customers on sustainable travel products.

In addition to the basic labeling of more sustainable options, an important key to increasing the sale of sustainable travel is the way of communication. With its "Green search" project, LCC is addressing this challenge and is working on a major question: How can sustainable travel products be communicated and labeled in an easily comprehensible and attractive manner?

In doing so, various communication and presentation forms are developed using a user-oriented approach by design thinking. Afterwards the instruments will be put into practice and tested to determine the best options.

The use of the Metasearch tool "Smartsearch", launched in the LCC offices in 2015, enables a practical test of the forms of labeling sustainable hotels in the daily use of travel agency employees.

The "Green Search" project is being implemented in close cooperation with the "Green Travel Transformation" joint project, in which LCC and Futouris are working together with the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, the German Travel Association (DRV) and other Futouris members. The focus of the large-scale project is to realize the labeling of sustainable travel products and their distribution in the usual booking systems.

Project goals:

The aim of the project is to find attractive forms of communication for the presentation of sustainable travel products in information and booking systems, which are easy to understand for travel agency employees. In the project the forms of communication are tested for sustainable hotels, but the developed strategies can be replicated for further travel products. It will enable the travel agency employees, to highlight environmental sustainable and social responsible offers (eg sustainably certified hotels).

News about this project


Sustainable Hotel Offers in Booking Systems

On Wednesday Futouris met with the project partners of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, communication experts and expedients and elaborated key words on the basis of the determined criteria to label sustainable hotels in booking systems and catalogs.

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Berlin, Germany
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12 months
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Dr. Xavier Font
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