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Hua Hin, the royal summer residence at the Gulf of Siam, has been the most popular seaside resort of the Thai high society for generations. Originally a former fishing village 185 km away from Bangkok offers miles long beaches as well as the opportunity to experience a typical small Thai city. The traditional seaside resort attracts Thai people as well as tourists from all over the world and has preserved most of its charming original character. In order to preserve the country specific identity the project aims at promoting activities in the areas of art and craft.

One of the biggest problem for the local inhabitants - and for the touristic potential of the region - is, that the development of the tourism in the last decades has provided them with new job opportunities and chances but at the same time the living costs for local inhabitants and companies have risen dramatically. In the long term this development poses a risk to local companies with the consequence that the original character of Huan Hin with a diversity of local providers might disappear. Furthermore, the expansion of touristic acitivities also endangers the natural ressources. The regular water shortage caused e.g. by the golf courts is just one example for this problem.

The aim of the project "local compass" is to strengthen the efforts of local tourism actors to strengthen the country specific identity, the access of local companies and farmers to local and regional markets and especially for the preservation of natural ressources in Hua Hin and environment.

In a further step criteria are developed in order to choose potential providers which can be included in the local compass. In collaboration with Thomas Cook Austria a first pilot of the local compass ist tested, partners are identified and local compass will be presented to Thomas Cook travelers.

In the long term the local compass will inform about local providers and their commitment in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Hua Hin. Selected local features like market stands, local and fair products or a  special commitment for environment protection can be actively choosen by travelers for making a visit.

Project goals:

Main objective:

  • Support and stregthening of Hua Hins concerning cultural and local identity as a contribution to the sustainable development of a popular destination in Thailand.

Objective 1:

  • Selection of and collaboration with 20 environment initiatives/ companies/markets in order to develop a "sustainable compass" resp. the "local compass".

Objective 2:

  • Development of at least 10 standardised and mandatory sustainability criteria which have to be fulfilled in order to be integrated into the local compass

Objective 3:

  • Print and sale of "local compass" for Hua Hin including directions, pictures and information for each entry in collaboration with Futouris by the project sponsor Thomas Cook Austria

Project profile

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Project location
Hua Hin, province Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand
Project sponsor
Project start
Project duration
1 year
Project coordinator
Peter Richards
Project partners
The Thailand Community-based Tourism Institute (CBT-I) / The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) – Thailändische Tourismusbehörde
Futouris contact

Swantje Lehners

Managing Director Projects & Cooperations
+ 49 (0) 40 - 809034 - 4055

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