Erlebbare Nachhaltigkeit II, Germany and Namibia

After the successful completion of the pilot project “Erlebbare Nachhaltigkeit” in the Republic of South Africa with 14 well-trained and enthusiastic travel agents, the travel agencies LCC and TLT decided to continue the project. Despite of the increasing importance of sustainability issues the tourism industry still reacts with restraint. A travel agency survey of the DRV (Deutscher ReiseVerband) and the ÖRV (Österreichischer ReiseVerband) shows that sustainability is thematized insufficiently in the sales department. The main reason for this is the insufficient knowledge of the travel agency staff. To close the knowledge gap it is necessary to expand the training measures and thus open ones eyes for sustainable travel offers. The training program “Erlebbare Nachhaltigkeit II” complements the existing training measures. This year, the focus is set on the destination Namibia.

The travel agency staff learns the basics about sustainability in tourism by completing the online training “CSR Basic” of TourCert. Within the scope of a preparation seminar the theoretical matters are deepened and important knowledge about Namibia as a travel destination is taught. On the following seminar trip, planned and performed by Gebeco, the participants can apply their knowledge and experience the dimensions, the possibilities and requirements of sustainable travel offers directly on-site.

Centerpiece of the trip is the visit of sustainability projects, especially the Futouris project “Wilderness-Tracker”. For the nights, the participants stay in local and ecologically managed accommodations. After the trip, the experiences are reflected and evaluated in a follow-up seminar. This enables the travel agents to integrate their knowledge about sustainability directly into the customer service at the agencies and animate the customers to travel sustainably.

Project goals:

Selected LCC and TLT partner agencies ought to be sensitized concerning sustainability in the tourism industry. The travel agencies, the project sponsor of the Futouris project “Wilderness Tracker” in Namibia and Gebeco as a travel specialist all together design and develop the training program “Erlebbare Nachhaltigkeit II” specifically adapted for the project region Namibia. After the successful training program including theoretical and practical contents all travel agency staff should have a comprehensive understanding of sustainability issues. The training implies an online training, preparatory and follow-up workshops as well as a seminar trip through Namibia on which the attendants are directly involved in a Futouris project and experience it live.

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Erlebbare Nachhaltigkeit II ist angelaufen

Nachdem im vergangenen Jahr Expedienten von Lufthansa City Center und TUI Leisure Travel das Thema Nachhaltigkeit in Südafrika erleben durften, haben die beiden Reisebüroketten gemeinsam mit Futouris und Gebeco nun Teil 2 ihres Sensibilisierungsprogramms für Reisebüros aufgelegt.

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Germany and Namibia
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1 year
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Sascha Wolff
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Swantje Lehners

Managing Director Projects & Cooperations - on maternity leave
+ 49 (0) 40 - 809034 - 4055

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