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Siaya County lies in Western Kenya and comprises of the capital Siaya and seven divisions. The County is marked by extreme poverty which increased during the recent years. In the rural areas of the Siaya Area people traditonally cook on open fireplaces. In order to prepare food people burn a lot of firewood from the local forests which cannot grow as fast as it is used. Apart from that the burning of firewood leads to high CO2-emissions and pollutes the environment. The extreme air pollution due to the cooking in living spaces is leading to situation that especially women and children are exposed to a high risk of respiratory diseases.

Project goals:

In order to reduce the high use of firewood during food preparation local craftmen - 45 % of them women - developed efficient cookers. The craftmen and -women are trained for the production as well as for the installatuin of the cooker. The cookers need 40-50 % less firewood than open fireplaces. Families save time and money and can protect their airways. The families will learn the use and maintenance of the cookers during special trainings. Apart from that campaigns will create an awareness for renewable energies and energy efficiency.

In order to make the cookers affordable to everyone a financing concept has been developed: The local Kenyan Tembea Youth Center for Sustainable Development has built loan groups, so called Community daving and loaning groups which it accompanies. In the end of September 2014 880 of these microfinance groups existed with 21.245 members. Tembea, the myclimate-project partner pays for half of the cookers, the other half is paid for by the families. For this purpose the families are granted interest-free loans which have to be paid back in two years.

93 % of the 21.000 members of the loan groups are women. The loan groups strengthen women by bringing them into leadership positions - in each group a chairwoman, an actuary and a cashier is determined. Apart from that, families can afford medical care, school fees and high quality seed.

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