Solar power for education and jobs, Tanzania

In Tanzania innumerable people live without reliable power sources. In order to meet their energy demands they have to use expensive fossil fuels like kerosine. That means a significant restriction of activities in the dark evening hours.

The holiday house agency dk-ferien enables visitors of Denmark to make a high contribution to climate protection and to the improvement of the standard of living of african families. Dk-ferien compensates retroactively from the 1st January 2015 the CO2-emissions of the arrivals and supports a project from myclimate in Tanzania. Additionally, tourists have the possibility to compensate their departure.

The revenues of the compensation flow into the myclimate-project "Solar power for education and jobs" in Tanzania. The program implements high tech solar systems with integrated GSM-modems for private households with low income as well as for small companies. Each solar system contains a solar panel, a battery, a light source and a charger for mobile phones. The systems are available in different sizes, which meet the needs of small households as well as of small companies.

Project goals:

The program offers affordable alternatives to fossil fuels, also thanks to microcredits. Weak petroleums lamps can be changed to bright LED-lights and greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced. This is not only good for the climate, but also the populations gains from economic and social advantages: Due to the reliable light source they can use the evening hours for working or education.

If the program is successful it will be introduced in other african countries, e.g. in Ghana, Rwanda and Kenya.

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Klimaneutral nach Dänemark = Solarenergie für Bildung und Jobs

Der Ferienhausspezialist dk-ferien kompensiert rückwirkend zum 1. Januar 2015 den CO2-Ausstoß der Kundenanreisen und unterstützt damit das Projekt „Solarenergie für Bildung und Jobs“ von myclimate in Tansania.

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