Climate protection at the counter

Everyone is talking about climate protection! Greta Thunberg and “Fridays for Future”, but also the forest fires in Australia have led to an increased awareness for the topic among the broad population. In tragel agencies, customers are increasingly asking for climate friendly travel offers during the consultation or booking talk, but many travel agents cannot give satisfactory answers due to the lack of background knowledge.

This is where the joint project "Climate protection at the counter" of Futouris Reisebüro-AG, the climate experts from atmosfair and the travel agency experts René Morawetz (Dein Reisebüro begeistert) and Saskia Sánchez (The Traveling Mind) comes in: Travel agents are trained on climate protection issues such as the selection of more climate-friendly holidays and sustainable hotels as well as options for CO2 offsetting. Thanks to the improved information transfer they can then meet customers' wishes for more climate-friendly travel offers and offer them to offset their CO2 emissions caused by their trip in climate protection projects of the partner atmosfair.

Project goals:

The main goal of this project is to raise and strengthen the travel agents' awareness and knowledge on the topics of sustainability and climate protection, so that they are able to inform customers about climate-friendly holiday offers as well as about other possible climate protection measures with regard to the planned trip.

The following measures are planned to achieve this goal:

  • Training measures

For the purpose of training the travel agents, the topics of sustainability and climate protection in tourism as well as CO2 offsetting are prepared and presented in detail in webinars. In order to encourage travel agents to participate in the free webinars, short videos announce the respective webinar in a humorous way. The webinars and videos will be accompanied and conducted by the project partners atmosfair gGmbH, René Morawetz and Saskia Sánchez.

  • Communication measures

In the second phase of the project, communication measures (e.g. FAQ flyers, desk calendars with brief information as cheat sheets) are being developed to support travel agents in communicating sustainability and climate protection to customers and encouraging them to book more climate-friendly trips. Communication materials are also developed for the customers themselves, e.g. freebies as a thank you for the compensation.

Project profile

Project location
Project sponsors
Project start
Project duration
2 years
Project partners
atmosfair gGmbH / René Morawetz, Dein Reisebüro begeistert / Saskia Sánchez, The Travelling Mind
Futouris contact

Tatjana Peters

project manager
+ 49 (0) 40 - 809034 - 4055