"Bee good" - protection of insects and bees

Insects play an important role in our ecosystem. They pollinate around 80% of our native crops and wild plants and thus contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and provide habitats for numerous animal species. They are also indispensable for agriculture, as 91 of the 107 most commonly cultivated crops worldwide are pollinated by insects. The European honey bee (Apis mellifera) plays the most important role among all pollinators. It pollinates almost 80% of crops and wild plants, while bumblebees, ants or butterflies taking over the remaining 20%. Some crops such as cocoa and vanilla are 100% dependent on bees.

For some years now, however, the population of insects and bees in particular is decreasing strongly. Causes include habitat destruction, monocultures or the use of pesticides. In Europe, about 10% of bee and butterfly species are threatened with extinction. The worldwide decline in the insect population is damaging the diversity of species and flowers and is therefore a major problem for the environment.

This is where dk-ferien's project "Bee good" starts: The awareness of holidaymakers, holiday guests and locals for the protection of insects and especially wild and honey bees as well as for the preservation of biodiversity needs to be strengthened. For this purpose, an information brochure is being developed in cooperation with the project partner Bienen-Lehr- und Schaugarten Ahrensburg e.V., which draws the attention of guests and locals alike to the importance of insects and bees and gives practical tips on how to support protecting the insects / bees even with small measures. The brochure will be distributed via the holiday homes in Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark by dk-ferien.

In addition, selected regular guests of dk-ferien will receive a beeswax wipe to encourage them to protect the bees and simultaneously reducing plastic consumption. The beeswax wipes are handmade by a member of the Bienen-Lehr- und Schaugarten Ahrensburg e.V.


Project goals:

The project aims at increasing the awareness of holidaymakers, guests and locals for the importance of insects, especially bees. With the newly gained knowledge, the target group should support the protection of insects and bees and contribute to conservation of biodiversity.

By distributing beeswax wipes with supplementary information on bee protection as well as on the use and care of the wipes, the recipients are made aware of the issue of single-use plastic as well as the reduction of plastic consumption by using alternatives.

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Germany, Denmark
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Bienen-Lehr- und Schaugarten Ahrensburg e.V.
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Tatjana Peters

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