Encouraging interim results in La Geria

Another important milestone of our joint project with the TUI Care Foundation “A sustainable future for traditional winemaking in La Geria” has taken place:

At the end of November, the project participants met at the Hotel Seaside Los Jameos Playa to discuss the previous findings, the challenges and next steps.

First of all, the project partners Senderismo Lanzarote and blueContec GmbH presented the interim results of the project to the 34 project participants and important stakeholders such as Turismo Lanzarote and the local hotel association ASOLAN. And these results are very satisfying: Between January and September the two participating hotels purchased our project wines worth of almost 13,000 Euros. Almost 33% of the local wines sold in the hotels are our ecological project wines.

The wine tastings offered in the hotels are also very popular among the guests. In the first 9 months of the year, 21 wine tastings took place with almost 300 participants. During the tasting the hotels are always supported by a representative of one of the three participating bodegas. The representative gives the guests information about the traditional cultivation of the grapes, the production and the characteristic taste of the wines. The tastings were rated with a very good 4.5 out of 5 points by the guests.

In order to bring the project and the sustainable wine growing in La Geria closer to the guests an exclusive and unique excursion has been designed in collaboration with TUI. On this excursion guests are diving into the local cuisine of Lanzarote, experiencing the world of sustainable and organic wine growing during their visits in the wineries and the wine tastings. The excursion was rated by the over 80 participants with 9.3 out of 10 points.

Not only the project participants are satisfied with the results so far, the representatives of Turismo Lanzarote and ASOLAN are also enthusiastic about our project and like to further support it.

In addition, a total of 25 employees of the newly participating hotel La Isla y El Mar as well as of the other two hotels have been trained. Through the training, hotel staff learn more about the project’s goals and traditional and organic wine growing so they can inform the guests accordingly. A special highlight was the joint wine tasting at the hotel Lava Beach, where the participating winegrowers could also taste the wines made from their grapes in a noble atmosphere. A special moment that will be remembered!

The project

A sustainable future for traditional winemaking in La Geria

This project focusses on supporting the organic and traditional wine growing in order to preserve the natural resources of Lanzarote and the cultural heritage of La Geria. Simultaneously the local wine producers are being linked to the hotel industry so that new distribution channels will be built and guests can “taste” the unique character of La Geria.

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