Now online available: Overview map of “sustainable lodges” in the KAZA region

At the suggestion of the Futouris members, an online overview map provides information of the “sustainable lodges” in the KAZA area for product managers of tour operators since the beginning of June. The tool is a valuable resource when it comes to researching accommodations and planning travel itineraries in the region. But also individual travelers can draw on the map when looking for a lodge.

Tool for sustainable supply chain management of tour operators

The initial goal of the project “sustainable lodges” was to establish a common identity for the lodge owners in the KAZA area. The overview map is based on this exact idea: It aims at enhancing market opportunities for sustainable lodges and providing guidance for tour operators in establishing a sustainable supply chain management.

Information on the lodges

Little icons indicate the lodges and their locations. When clicking on the icon, a separate window opens where users can find information on the certification, amenities, photos and the link to the accommodation website. Good to know:  Futouris is in regular contact with the certification bodies and updates the map on a regular basis. You can find the map here.

The project

KAZA - Sustainable Lodges

The commitment of the Futouris' members in the KAZA - Kavango Zambesi Transfrontier Area- aims at creating a concept for the sustainable development of tourism and improve the marketing possibilities for sustainable lodges.

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