New Futouris member: Tourismus-Cluster Schleswig-Holstein

Futouris is happy to announce that Tourismus-Cluster Schleswig-Holstein is a new member of the association as of July 2017. In addition to the long-term member Inselgemeinde Juist, Tourismus-Cluster Schleswig-Holstein is the first Bundesland in the Sustainability Intiative.

According to the North German Industry Network, the Futouris membership ideally complements its own sustainability initiative named Glückn (“Glück” is the German word for “luck and superscript “n” stands for “Nachhaltigkeit” which is the German word for sustainability). Glückn has been launched in April 2017 and aims at providing hotel managers as well as other tourism suppliers with easier access to sustainability matters in Schleswig-Holstein.

At the centre of Glückn is a brochure with sustainability guidelines in which tourism businesses in Schleswig-Holstein find best practice examples alongside answers to questions such as “How can sustainable management support my business?” and “How can I implement a sustainable management practice in different business sectors?”. The guidelines also include practical advice on sustainably managing resources and purchasing local products.

Key word local products: The first joint project has been conceptualised in accordance with the Futouris guiding topic “Sustainable Food” and deals with reducing food waste. The project idea is to reduce food waste in a tourism business in Schleswig-Holstein. After the successful project completion, the results will be transferred to additional businesses.

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