New finca in La Geria has been successfully restored

The cultivation area for organic wine in La Geria is growing continuously. Since the beginning of this year, Raul Ortega’s finca also participates in the joint project “A sustainable future for traditional winemaking in La Geria” of TUI Care Foundation and Futouris. The winegrower was convinced of the project right from the beginning and sees the transition to an ecological and traditional cultivation as an important contribution to sustainable development on the island.

But initially, the restoration and maintenance of his 47,000mlarge finca needed to be done. Three workers from the local organization Grevislan, which integrates people with mostly mental disabilities in the labor market and strengthens their social and economic participation, were supporting the farmer. The Grevislan workers have already made improvements at other fincas participating in the project.

On Ortega’s finca 600 vines were cleaned from weeds and the lava stones were rebuilt in semicircles around the pits again. These semicircles of larger lava stones protect the vines from the usually strong wind and are typical of the traditional winegrowing in funnels in La Geria.

Some of the vines growing on the finca are more than 100 years old and bearing mostly Malvasía-grapes. Fig and mulberry trees are also growing on the finca.

Winegrower Raul Ortega thanked Grevislan: “We are very happy with the work the people from Grevislan have done on the finca.”

In addition to the support on the fields by Grevislan workers the winegrowers receive expert advice and intensive training sessions on ecological winegrowing by considering the individual biodiversity of each finca.

The project

A sustainable future for traditional winemaking in La Geria

This project focusses on supporting the organic and traditional wine growing in order to preserve the natural resources of Lanzarote and the cultural heritage of La Geria. Simultaneously the local wine producers are being linked to the hotel industry so that new distribution channels will be built and guests can “taste” the unique character of La Geria.

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