Information brochure about seals is ready

Just in time for the start of the new summer holiday season dk-Ferien and marine biologist Annika Toth have designed an information brochure that provides interesting facts about seals and informs the holidaymakers on how to behave correctly when observing seals.

Observing seals in the wild is a very special experience. “But many tourists are insecure how they should act when observing seals.” emphasizes Birgit Hoffmann, managing director of dk-Ferien. The brochure aims to address kids in particular and helps to lead them to a responsible interaction with marine mammals.

Based on ten important facts the brochure shows what holidaymakers and locals shall consider when observing seals. An example: The sense of smell of the seals is very well developed and plays a very important role in the mother-cub-relationship. With the unique smell of each seal the mother can recognize her cub again. This is one of the most important reasons why young seals should never be touched. By touching them there is a risk that their mother won’t recognize them again and rejects them. Keeping distance has therefore the highest priority. This also applies for dogs! Dogs are a potential danger for seals as they may react aggressive and bite the seals in the worst case. It is also known that diseases such as distemper can be transmitted from seals to dogs and vice versa.

The project

Information on seal protection in Denmark

Watching seals in the wild, on the beach or on sandbanks is a very special holiday experience. Holidaymakers can do this at the Danish coasts of the Baltic Sea and North Sea almost all year round. In order to protect these cute little sea creatures from the impact of tourism it is important to follow some crucial rules of conduct.

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