Guests and locals alike are enthused about seal information brochure

dk-ferien and marine biologist Annika Toth jointly created an information brochure about seals and how to approach them correctly in spring 2018. The brochure gives interesting facts and information about seals and the correct behavior when approaching them. 5.000 copies were given to the guests of dk-ferien and distributed in Danish aquariums that held seals. Some were also provided at tourism hot spots at west and east coast of Jutland.

The seal brochure shows on the basis of 10 crucial facts what holidaymakers and locals alike should consider when approaching or observing seals. For example, that young seals who are left alone at the beach should never be touched as it jeopardized the mother recognizing and finding its cub. The sense of smell of the seals is very well developed and helps the mother to recognize her cub everywhere.

The seal brochure was very well received by the guests and locals alike. The guests were enthusiastic about the interesting information about seals and appreciated the helpful tips for correct behavior when sighting seals.

“I am very excited about the book and my customers are grateful for the good tips and the clear knowledge transfer. Now they know how to behave properly, “says Ariane Eisermann of Happy and Healthy Dogs from Hvide Sande. Ariane has also distributed the booklets to other hotspots in Denmark, e.g. she brought some copies to the mini zoo in Blåvand.

Preben from Skåstrup on Funen is also very enthusiastic about the brochure: “Especially the children of my guests are happy about the lovingly designed booklet and want to pass on their new knowledge at home right away.”

Due to popular demand, the booklet was reprinted at the beginning of the year (10,000 copies) and distributed again to the guests of dk-ferien as well as to the aquariums of 2018 and 10 other museums and exhibitions in Denmark and Germany that concentrate on the sea and marine animals. One of them was the seal station Friedrichskoog e.V.

The brochure can be downloaded here.

The project

Information on seal protection in Denmark

Watching seals in the wild, on the beach or on sandbanks is a very special holiday experience. Holidaymakers can do this at the Danish coasts of the Baltic Sea and North Sea almost all year round. In order to protect these cute little sea creatures from the impact of tourism it is important to follow some crucial rules of conduct.

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