Futouris publishes manual for communicating sustainable food to guests

Berlin, 1 February 2018. The sustainability initiative Futouris e.V. has published a manual for communicating sustainable food to guests in the project “Sustainable Food – Guest Communication”. A total of 14 communication instruments has been developed to inform holidaymakers about the food offer on buffets, its origin and how the food products foster the sustainable development of a region.

“According to a Futouris study, approximately 82 percent of all holidaymakers are interested in the food origin and production on holiday”, says Prof. Dr. Harald Zeiss, Chairman of the Executive Board of Futouris. “However, hotels and restaurants often supply no information on the food and drink offer apart from the name of a dish. The new manual is set to bring change: Hotels and restaurants receive 14 instruments which have been developed to precisely inform guests about the origin of the food product. This promotes the consumption of sustainable and regional food.”

Under the supervision of the MODUL University Vienna, the project team tested the instruments in seven partner hotels of the Futouris member companies on Gran Canaria and in Turkey last year. The scientists positioned, for instance, bubbles and food pickers on the buffet, instructive food displays and place mats at the guest table and large banners at the restaurant entrance. During the evaluation process, the team measured the consumption levels of the labelled products and the total amount of eatable plate left-overs, and then compared the results to the basic data which had been previously collected.

The effectiveness was confirmed: One partner hotel was able to increase the consumption of labelled products by 135 percent. Food waste caused by plate left-overs was also reduced by 15 percent per guest.

Manual provides templates for direct download

Futouris provides the project results to the entire tourism industry. Hotels throughout the world can freely access the manual, use it and inform the guests about their own sustainable food offer in a vivid and easy-to-understand way.

„The manual provides every instrument as ready-to-print template and the instruments can be individually adopted to each business. The manual also explains step by step how to use the instruments”, explains Prof. Dr. Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, Head of the Departments for Tourism and Service Management at MODUL University Vienna. „I am convinced that we have created a real added value for hotels and restaurants.”

The Futouris member companies plan to further foster sustainable food management across the tourism industry with the aim to improve the guest communication in as many partner hotels as possible.

The manual is available in the download section.

© Foto Dagmar Lund-Durlacher

The project

Sustainable Food - guest communication

Where does the food that is offered on the buffet come from, how is it produced, is the food on my plate typical for the country? These are questions inwhich more and more travelers are interested.

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