First organic project wines and a sustainable excursion available in Lanzarote

After the successful kick-off event last October the project partners Senderismo Lanzarote and bluecontect GmbH have worked tirelessly on achieving the milestones and have been very successful in doing so.

The harvest was very good in 2018 and the quality of the wine was even better than in the years before. Therefore the project participants were all looking for tasting the new wines. They were presented to the public as part of the popular festival “Saborea Lanzarote”. A specially created brochure gave the visitors information about the project and the wines. Currently there are six different types of organic wine available, produced by the three participating bodegas Los Bemejos, La Geria and Vega de Yuco. These wines can be tasted and purchased in the bodegas itself as well as in selected hotels and restaurants on the island.

After the successful grape harvest project partner Ecopalmer had carried out the basic for interested farmers and wineries. Based on the results and on the criteria for participation (certified organic winegrowing in funnel form in the natural reserve of La Geria) 15 farmers and 20 farms were selected to participate in this project. Experts for organic winegrowing explained the characteristics of organic winegrowing to the farmers followed by personal visits on the farms in order to adapt the organic cultivation method to the respective vineyard.

In order to bring the project and the sustainable winemaking in Lanzarote closer to the guests the project partners have designed an exclusive excursion together with TUI. On this excursion guests are diving into the local cuisine of Lanzarote, experiencing the world of sustainable and organic winemaking during guided tours among the vineyards and are tasting the local wines. The first sustainable excursion was offered in March and the participating guests were all thrilled by this experience.

The project

A sustainable future for traditional winemaking in La Geria

This project focusses on supporting the organic and traditional wine growing in order to preserve the natural resources of Lanzarote and the cultural heritage of La Geria. Simultaneously the local wine producers are being linked to the hotel industry so that new distribution channels will be built and guests can “taste” the unique character of La Geria.

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