Final food waste measurement in hotels

In a final food waste measurement in the participating hotels, the project team is on its way to find out how effectively the hotels have reduced food waste. The hotels’ task was to implement three measures in their daily business to reduce food waste during summer season. A wide range of measures had been developed earlier this year in a workshop. Project partner United against Waste evaluates now if the implemented measures have proven to be successful. To this end, the project team measures waste in the sectors purchase and storage, preparation and production, overproduction, guests / plate leftovers during breakfast, lunch and dinner times.

In which sectors is food waste measured?

As reference serves the measurement result obtained in the first project phase in 2016. Through the final measurement, the project team will now be able to assess the performance of each participating hotels and analyse to which extent food waste reduction have been achieved in breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. We keenly await the final results of this project!

The project

Avoiding Food Waste, Mediterranean region

Food waste measurements in the participating hotel are carried out in cooperation with United Against Waste e.V. and their waste analysis tool. Based on the findings, a set of recommendations will be developed to promote a more responsible handling of food.

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