Don Bosco Hotel School conducts training for sustainable hotel management

Within the framework of the project, training documents for sustainable hotel management were developed. In the past few weeks training sessions for employees and train-the-trainer workshops have been held for DBHS teachers. The trainings for the students are carried out by the teachers of DBHS and aim to teach students about environmental protection and enable them to act sustainably.

The training sets the focus:

  • The problems caused by environmental pollution
  • The challenges for Cambodia
  • Environmentally friendly behavior in the hospitality sector
  • The resource-saving and cost-reducing use of water, energy and food
  • The contribution of students to innovative solutions
  • How the students can act as multipliers in their professional and private environment

The students are enthusiastic about their new knowledge and the possibilities to implement it immediately.

Interview Sophat, student in the front office in the first year of education

In the training I learned what sustainability means and what I can do personally to protect the environment. I improved my knowledge about waste management and how I can save water and energy. I have already changed my behavior by using less plastic bags and plastic bottles. And I do not throw my trash on the street anymore, I use trash cans wherever possible.

Interview Kakada, student in the front office in the first year of education

For me, it was very important to learn more about the topic of food waste. Before I had the training, I used a lot of water. Now I take care of my water consumption while showering and shower only briefly. At home I told my family about our training and we immediately got LED lamps. My family says we will now try to save water and energy. I will also share my new knowledge with my friends.

The project

Hotel School Sihanoukville, Cambodia

The project supports the trainees of the Don Bosco Hotel School in Cambodia in gaining an understanding of sustainable tourism and thereby enhances the job opportunities of the young people. At the same time, the tourism in Cambodia in general will get more sustainable by profiting from their multiplier effects.

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