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Plastic-free water from water stations in TUI MAGIC LIFE Cala Pada

Reduce plastic waste and offer guests better service at the same time: TUI MAGIC LIFE Cala Pada shows how this can be done. As part of our industry project, five water dispensers were set up on the premises where hotel guests can refill their reusable bottles at any time.

Khwe community happy about drinking water from well

Water is a human right – but not all people have access to a functioning water supply. The 15 Khwe families in the Bwabwata national park in Namibia Gebeco and Futouris have been supporting for several years now have access to drinking water thanks to TUI Care Foundation and its Helping Hands programme.

Futouris signs Glasgow Declaration

Futouris has been a signatory to the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism since July 2022, and we are committed to support our member companies and the entire tourism industry in achieving the climate targets. We are doing this, for example, as part of our new industry project "Travelling climate-consciously".

„Travelling climate-consciously“ goes Switzerland!

In addition to Futouris' patrons DRV and ÖRV, the Swiss Travel Association SRV now also supports our joint industry project "Travelling climate-consciously". In mid-July, the first international staffed kick-off workshop on climate-conscious travel was held in Glattbrug near Zurich.

Expert workshops successfully carried out in pilot destinations

In the three project destinations in Sri Lanka, Namibia and the Dominican Republic, the local project partners of the joint BMZ-funded project held two expert:ing workshops with numerous stakeholders from the tourism sector in the regions.

Tasting events and farmer's seminar on Lanzarote

The joint project of Futouris and the TUI Care Foundation on Lanzarote has been successfully completed with wine tastings in the participating hotels and an eco-course for farmers. Within the framework of the project, various wines produced traditionally and with organically grown grapes have been created, which are brought closer to the interested holidaymakers during the wine tastings as well as on an exclusive excursion.

Futouris members start industry project "Travelling climate-consciously" with high motivation

The joint industry project "Travelling climate-consciously" of Futouris members continues to take shape: Recently in Berlin, members discussed initial ideas for providing emissions data for integration into operators' booking systems, as well as the next steps in the various workstreams, such as hotels.

Over 130 hotel employees trained on plastic waste reduction

As part of the joint project "Plastic-free holidays, Balearic Islands", 134 employees of two Mallorcan hotel groups were trained the reduction of plastic waste. The attendees were asked to actively participate in the plastic reduction measures of their hotels and to jointly search for solutions to possible obstacles.

10 catering businesses design their menu according to biodiversity-friendly criteria

Phase 2 of our joint project with the TUI Care Foundation has started: 10 catering businesses are going to design their biodiversity-friendly menus based on the biodiversity criteria they developed in the workshops. They will also build a network together with local food producers and growers that will give visitors, holidaymakers, suppliers and staff an overview of existing biodiversity-friendly businesses in the region around Las Galeras.

Successful trial of alternatives to single-use plastic products

As part of our industry project "Plastic-free holidays on Balearic Islands", we tested four alternatives to common single-use plastic products in selected rooms of two TUI hotels over a period of 10 weeks, with the aim of obtaining feedback from guests and staff and gaining insights into the environmental and financial impact of the alternatives - with fantastic results.

Free online workshop series "Sustainable Tourism for the Future" for Spanish-speaking hotels

As part of their joint project on Lanzarote Futouris and the TUI Care Foundation invite all interested hotels to a free online workshop series for sustainable tourism. The workshops support Spanish-speaking hotels to become ambassadors for their region by integrating and promoting local and sustainable products, thus providing holidaymakers with authentic experiences.

Futouris part of European SUSTOUR-project

Futouris support the European project „SUSTOUR - Promoting sustainability among the European tour operator sector through a business led approach“ that is co-financed by the European COSME Program that aims to boost the competitiveness and sustainability of European SME’s. In the course of the project standards, training and (online) implementation tools will be developed and improved to support European tour operators to become more sustainable.

Khwe make traditional clothing and equipment for their Cultural Village

The work for the development and implementation of the planned Cultural Village together with a Khwe community in Namibia continues. During a two-day workshop with our project partner Living Culture Foundation Namibia, the Khwe made the traditional clothing and equipment such as arrows and spears, leather bags and jewellery which are needed for a historical correct presentation and work at the Cultural Village.

Co-creating sustainability in tourism - interactive ITB panel 2021

"Co-creating sustainability in tourism - powered by Futouris" - this was the title of the interactive panel at the digital ITB in which six international tourism experts and more than 130 participants from all over the world shared their ideas and visions on how to shape a more sustainable tourism development.

Futouris publishes guidance on how to reduce (single-use) plastic in tourism businesses

As part of its industry project "Plastic-free holidays in the Balearic Islands" Futouris has created a guidance on how to reduce (single-use) plastic. The guidance supports hotels and tourism businesses in finding more sustainable alternatives to most-common used single-use plastic products such as plastic water bottles, straws or cups.

Interactive ITB panel powered by Futouris on March 12th

Which innovative strategies are needed to shape a more sustainable tourism? During the interactive Futouris session on ITB 2021, six international tourism experts will share their inspirational visions and new ideas for a more sustainable tourism development with the audience - and invite them to do the same.

SEA CLOUD CRUISES set a positive sign for sustainability in crisis

In these difficult times Futouris is all the happier to welcome a new member in the Futouris family: The sailing cruise operator SEA CLOUD CRUISES. In cooperation with Futouris SEA CLOUD aims to support the marine ecosystems in which they travel as they are particularly fragile and directly affected by climate change.

Huge success: Online seminar “Reducing plastic and maintaining hygiene standards” for hotels attracts over 70 participants

As part of the industry project "Plastic-free holidays, Balearic Islands", Futouris developed in cooperation with Travel Without Plastic and Intertek Cristal an online seminar that helps the participating project hotels and other interested hotels to reduce plastic waste and at the same time comply with COVID-related hygiene requirements.

Hopes and dreams of Raúl Ortega, a farmer in Lanzarote

Why have the winegrowers joined our project? What are their hopes and dreams? What are the biggest challenges? On behalf of all participating farmers we have asked these and similar questions farmer Raúl Ortega, who bought a finca on Lanzarote and has been participating in the project since this year.

Futouris and TUI Care Foundation successfully complete project on Crete

The project on sustainable food production and consumption for tourisms in Crete, launched by Futouris and the TUI Care Foundation in July 2017, was successfully completed after three years. More than 20 local wine labels from seven indigenous Cretan grape varieties were developed - two of which have been certified as organic - as well as five olive oil labels which were promoted in numerous food-tasting events and two exclusive excursions.

Bow making with the Ju'Hoansi & pottery with the Mbunza: Khwe community gets ideas for own Cultural Village

As part of our project with Gebeco, seven representatives of the Khwe community visited two Cultural Villages in northern Namibia. During interactive programmes and workshops the Khwe did not only get a detailed impression of how other communities successfully run authentic meeting centres, but also received a variety of ideas for their own Cultural Village, which is currently being built.

Encouraging interim results in La Geria

At the end of November the participants of our joint project with the TUI Care Foundation came together on Lanzarote to exchange the interim results and previous experiences and to discuss the next steps. Representatives of the local tourism organization and hotel association were also present.

Gebeco and Futouris support the development of a community-based training and tourism project in Namibia

Futouris and Gebeco are expanding their joint commitment for better living conditions of a Khwe community in Namibia and supporting the establishment of a community-based training and visitor center, the so-called "Cultural Village".

Wine tasting events, excursions and trainings are going very well

Our joint project on Crete is very successful as the interim results of the first half of 2019 show: The sale of the project wines and olive oils has developed very positively, and the guests enjoy the developed cooking classes and tastings very much.

How wine is made: The journey from grape to wine

During August and September farmers and winemakers in Lanzarote are very busy, as it is "la vendimia" - grape harvest. Our ecologically and traditionally produced project wine is becoming more popular. But how is our delicious wine made? Learn about the various steps involved, from the grape harvest to the fermentation and bottling.

Successful presentation and communication of our joint Crete project to various stakeholders

Over the past few weeks, the project team has introduced our joint project to EU policymakers during an event in Brussels as well as to numerous journalists on a press trip in Crete. During the wine tastings all participants could taste the excellent quality of the project wines.

Discovering sustainable Cretan olive oil on an exclusive excursion

Since June guests have the opportunity to experience the fascinating world of sustainable olive oil in Crete and receive interesting and exciting information on sustainable cultivation of one of the oldest olive varieties “Koroneiki” in the Mediterranean, on proper storage or local uses during an exclusive excursion.

Over 180 employees of Red Sea Hotels have been trained in Sustainable Food so far

The ambitious goal of ETI's project in Egypt is to train all 4,000 employees of the Red Sea Hotels on the topic of “Sustainable Food”. The first trainings took place in in the first hotels and the trained employees of the two hotels have already taken first steps in order to promote sustainable food and to reduce food waste in the hotels.

Holidaymakers are impressed by sustainable project wines produced in La Geria

In order to increase the awareness and sales of the organic project wines guests can taste them in evening wine tastings in the participating hotels. Representative of the bodegas also give interesting information about the production and the different type of wines. The wine tastings are very popular among guests and project participants alike.

Great interest in innovative solutions for a plastic-free holiday

The results of a preliminary study with ten hotels were presented to the stakeholders of the industry project "Plastic-free holidays, Balearic Islands" during a workshop in Mallorca. Based on this, the participants developed innovative measures to reduce plastic waste and improve recycling with local and international experts.

Guests and locals alike are enthused about seal information brochure

The information brochure about seals and how to approach them that was jointly created by dk-ferien and marine biologist Annika Toth enjoyed great popularity last year so that further 10.000 copies were printed and distributed at selected locations in Denmark.

The Crete sustainable food destination started with a successful kick-off event into the new season

The joint project "Crete - First steps towards a sustainable food destination" of the TUI Care Foundation and Futouris started with a successful kick-off event in the new season. Together with the project partners Local Food Experts sce and bluecontec GmbH, the participants worked out the goals and measures for the coming season.

New finca in La Geria has been successfully restored

The joint project of TUI Care Foundation and Futouris in Lanzarote is operating very successfully. Another winegrower is participating in this project since the beginning of this year and is growing his grapes in an ecological and traditional way. However, first his finca was restored and prepared for the coming season with the support of the local organization Grevislan.

Employees of Turkish TUI Blue hotels successfully trained in Sustainable Food

As part of the implementation phase of the joint members project "Sustainable Food", the first Sustainable Food Staff Training by Futouris took place in Turkey at the beginning of April with our member company TUI Group.

For the first time in Tunisian tourism industry: Qualification of tutors in hotels & sustainability seminar for vocational teachers

Important milestones were reached in the development partnership “Practice oriented education for hotel employees in Tunisia” of Thomas Cook and Futouris: The first designated tutors were qualified and vocational teachers were specially trained in sustainability aspects.

Together for improved quality and sustainability: Success through an innovative bottom-up approach

In the project of Thomas Cook and Futouris for an improved training programme for hotel employees in Tunisia has been made some significant progress: In cooperation with the project partners and a local consultant a three-stage training programme was developed which was tested in six pilot hotels in spring and autumn.

First organic project wines and a sustainable excursion available in Lanzarote

Last year the first organic wines were produced within the common project “A sustainable future for traditional winemaking in La Geria” of TUI Care Foundation and Futouris. Guests can now experience the world of sustainable and traditional winemaking on Lanzarote during a sustainable excursion offered by TUI.

Presentation of the results and tasting of the Cretan wines and olive oils on ITB

Together with the project partners bluecontec GmbH and Local Food Experts sce the TUI Care Foundation and Futouris presented the results of the first two years of the project “Crete – first steps towards a sustainable food destination” on ITB and invited the participants to taste the project wines and olive oils.

Sustainable Food – Knowledge partnership with PATA

Since autumn 2017, PATA – Pacific Asian Travel Association – and Futouris e.V. have agreed to a knowledge partnership with focus on the Futouris industry project „Sustainable Food“. Learn more about the food waste campaign „BUFFET - Building an Understanding For Food Excess in Tourism“ which has been launched in 2018.

Information brochure about seals is ready

Just in time for the start of the new summer holiday season dk-Ferien and marine biologist Annika Toth have designed an information brochure that provides interesting facts about seals and informs the holidaymakers on how to behave correctly when observing seals.

First TUI Academy scholars in Windhoek start their professional career

In the joint project “Tourism Academy at the NFA Girls Centre Windhoek”, the first five female scholars have received their certificate. The other girls currently complete their practical training and will receive their certificate in July 2018.

Remembering summer 2017: Reviving Cretan Wines in Agapi Beach of Sbokos Hotel Group

In this guest comment, Georgia Malefitsaki, F&B manager of Agapi Beach Resort | Sbokos Hotel Group is addressing the 2017 wine tasting events and highlights some of the guets' comments.

"Sustainable Kitchen" - additional in-depth trainings in Egypt

In the "Sustainable Kitchen" project, the Egyptian Chefs Association carried out two additional in-depths trainings in the Hilton Hurghada Resort and Red Sea Hotels Port Ghalib with a total of 30 hotel employees.

Looking back to the Futouris ITB week 2018

We look back to an eventful ITB week during which our members held the Futouris Annual General Meeting and during which we participated with fantastic panels and events in the ITB 2018. Take a look at all highlights of the week in our photo gallery.

First Cretan sustainable wines produced

In the joint project by TUI Care Foundation and Futouris, last year’s harvest produced the first eight types of sustainable wines from indigenous Cretan varieties. Seven hotels supporting the initiative will be offering these wines to their customers at the beginning of the 2018 summer season and proivde authentic local flavour.

Futouris on ITB 2018

Just as in past years, Futouris will be present on ITB 2018 with different events. Where exactly can you find us? Have a look at our comprehensive overview and be there. Together with our members we are looking forward to many exciting events and to seeing you there as well.

Invitation to the Futouris Info Breakfast on 8 March 2018 at 8.30 am

We invite you: When? Thursday, 8 March 2018 from 8.30 am until 10.00 am. Where? Berliner Kaffeerösterei, Uhlandstraße 173/ 174, 10719 Berlin. Send your application until 1 March 2018 via mail to

Futouris publishes manual for communicating sustainable food to guests

Futouris has published a manual for communicating sustainable food to guests in the project “Sustainable Food – Guest Communication”. 14 communication instruments have been developed to inform holidaymakers about the food offer on buffets, its origin and how the food products foster the sustainable development of a region.

Futouris project siginficantly reduces food waste in hotels

Approximately 400 kilograms less food waste per week and a reduction of up to 26,5000 Euro operational cost per season and hotel: This is the final result of the project “Avoiding Food Waste” in which a project team toured three countries, seven hotels and eleven restaurants for a period of 55 weeks.

EcoTrophea 2017 goes to TUI Cruises

TUI Cruises has been awarded this year's EcoTrophea, the Sustainability Award by the German Travel Association (DRV). The cruise company has convinced the jury of six with its initiative to reduce food waste on cruise ships out of a total of 21 project submissions.

Local heroes on the Turkish Buffet

Within the "Taste the Culture" project, the instruments for communicating sustainable food to guests have initially been tested in a Turkish hotel in Kusadasi. First conclusion: Local heroes lead to a more sustainable consumption.

Harald Zeiss succeeds Hasso von Düring as new Chairman of Futouris e.V.

At this year's strategic conference, the Futouris members elected Prof. Dr. Harald Zeiss as new Chairman of the association. Lucienne Damm is the new Vice Chairwoman and Friederike Grupp takes over the position of Sonja Karl in the Executive Board.

Roundtable in sacred halls

Futouris premiere: For the first time, a roundtable takes place in sacred halls. The meeting was held with 36 participants in the Holy Monastery Saint George Epanosofis on the island of Crete during which the project content was discussed and the monastery was visited.

Final reference measurement carried out on board

On the cruise ship Mein Schiff 4, the project team has carried out the final reference measurement in October - with great first results: Around 20% of food waste could already be saved in the buffet restaurant Anckelmannsplatz.

Right on schedule for the new training year: Going Green Guidelines have been finalised

Right on schedule for the new training year, the Going Green Guidelines have been finalised for the Don Bosco Hotel School in Sihanoukville. The Guidelines provide an introduction into the topic of sustainability and practical advice on how the students can apply a sustainability approach in the school’s training hotel.

Final food waste measurement in hotels

In a final food waste measurement in the "Avoiding food waste" project, the project team is on its way to find out how effectively the hotels have reduced food waste. The hotels' task was to implement three measures in their daily business to reduce food waste during summer season.

An industry first: Consistent label for sustainable travel offer

Industry first: Travel agencies will prospectively be able to identify and book hotel offers with sustainability certifications in the consultation and offer comparison system ‘Bistro Portal’ on a large scale. Over the coming months, Futourists Lufthansa City Center and DER Touristik will test the new labelling during a pilot phase in their travel agencies and Futouris Thomas Cook will include the label in its travel brochures.

Thomas Cook and Futouris launch project for quality and sustainability in the Tunisian hotel industry

Thomas Cook launches a large-scale programme to strengthen the tourism industry and to promote employment opportunities in Tunisia. The programme is comprised of two projects that focus on continuing training and initial training with the aim to improve service quality and include sustainability in the training of hotel staff.

Tipping vines and tasting wines in Creta Maris Beach Resort, Crete

In this narrative commentary, Dimitris Efthimiou, Guest Service Manager at Creta Maris Beach Resort, portrays how a vine tipping and wine tasting experience for tourists on Crete looks like. He empathically shares perspectives of Cretan locals and outlines the cross-generational meaning of wine-making and agriculture on the island of Crete.

Hotels start implementation phase in summer

During the summer months, the participating hotels in the "Avoiding food waste" project adopted a range of measures which have been previsously developped in a workshop and which aim to reduce food waste during breakfast, lunch and dinner times.

New Futouris member: Tourismus-Cluster Schleswig-Holstein

Futouris is happy to announce that Tourismus-Cluster Schleswig-Holstein is a new member of the association as of July 2017. In addition to the long-term member Inselgemeinde Juist, Tourismus-Cluster Schleswig-Holstein is the first Bundesland in the Sustainability Intiative.

August workshop suggests interim results

With the hosting of a workshop on Wednesday, 9 August 2017, the project "Reduction of food waste on cruise shops" has reached the second project phase. The entire project team came together to discuss the results of the baseline measurements of January and June.

El Gouna’s successful transition towards sustainability in the hotel kitchen

In the project "Sustainable Kitchen", around 60 representatives of the participating hotels came together last week for several days of best practice exchange, further trainings and coachings in the Steigenberger Golf Resort in El Gouna.

Extensive project on sustainable food and agriculture launched on Crete

With the opening of the local food workshop, the extensive project “Crete - first steps towards a sustainable food destination” for sustainable food and ecological agriculture on Crete has now been launched. The opening was of great interest for political, touristic and agricultural stakeholders.

Overwhelming participation in kick-off on Crete

Crete is on the right way to become a model holiday destination for sustainable food. At the beginning of July, the succesful kick-off event took place with all stakeholders in Heraklion. Approximately 120 participants from the agricultural and tourism sector witnessed the starting of the new project phase.

Published: Final Report on Wildlife Resource Inventory & Monitoring in the KAZA Area

In the project on wildlife resource inventory and monitoring in the KAZA area, which has been funded by the Loro Parque foundation, project partner Panthera has published the final project report in mid-June. The results show that widlife population has partially declined - a significant finding for the future toutism development of the region.

Ship ahoi: Successful second measurement on Mein Schiff 4

This week, the project team has once again measured the amount of food waste on Mein Schiff 4 and refined the data basis for the coming project steps.

Successful Workshops and Round Tables on Avoiding Food Waste in Hotels on Rhodes and in Calabria

Workshops and round table meetings for hotel employees have taken place on Rhodes and in Calabaria end of May to commonly develop measures to reduce food waste. During this summer season, it is up to the hotels to implement at least three measurements to reduce food waste.

Now online available: Overview map of “sustainable lodges” in the KAZA region

Since the beginning of June, an online map provides an overview of the “sustainable lodges” in the KAZA area for product managers of tour operators. The map aims at providing qualified guidance for tour operators in establishing a sustainable supply chain management.

„Taste the culture“ – Experiencing regional and sustainable food culture in holiday hotels

Sustainable food is enjoyable and pleasant and even more so if you are actively provided with information on what you are eating. A sustainable food offer is not only a competitive advantage but also offers great potential - especially by training hotel employees as well as appropriately presenting and communication the sustainable offer.

Sustainable Hotel Offers in Booking Systems

On Wednesday Futouris met with the project partners of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, communication experts and expedients and elaborated key words on the basis of the determined criteria to label sustainable hotels in booking systems and catalogs.

Kick-off: Sustainability in food and tourism

Why do you think sustainable food is essential in combination with sustainable tourism on Crete? This question was dealt with by our project partners BlueContec as part of our project "Crete - on the way to the model for sustainable nutrition", whom now provided a kick-off training and stimulus for sustainable food on holiday.

Clean Neighborhood: Collecting garbage with the Don Bosco Hotel School

To further involve the local community in Don Bosco Hotel School's sustainability initiative, teachers and students in Sihanoukville (Cambodia) have conducted a garbage collection. The students have collected plastic bottles lying around the DBHS. The aim is to talk to the neighbors about environmental protection and to raise awareness on this issue.

Guest communication: Prototypes being tested

In order for guests to know where the food on their plates comes from and in which way the food is sustainable, MODUL University has developed specific prototypes and has now tested them.

Futouris at the German CSR-Forum 2017

Futouris placed the topic of reduction of food waste at the German CSR-Forum in Ludwigsburg this year. Representatives of tourism companies, scientists and project partners discussed the challenges and approaches.

Don Bosco Hotel School conducts training for sustainable hotel management

Within the framework of the project, training documents for sustainable hotel management were developed. In the past few weeks training sessions for employees and train-the-trainer workshops have been held for DBHS teachers.

Spring has come - the nature on Crete awakes

Yesterday our partners on Crete started evaluating the effectiveness of winter-cereals use for weed control in the vineyards. Despite the relatively heavy winter, the flora development is impressive.

ITB-Highlight: Exhibition Tour with Federal Minister Dr. Müller

On ITB Thursday, Hasso von Düring, chairman of the Futouris board, had the opportunity to exchange thoughts with Federal Minister Dr. Gerd Müller for ongoing joint projects and potential future partnerships.

Crete - First steps towards a sustainable food destination

"Sustainable Food: A Benefit for Destinations and Vacationers"- under this title Futouris e. V. and the TUI Care Foundation presented on Friday at ITB congress their joint commitment to Crete, which included the linkage of the two most important economic sectors of the island - tourism and agriculture.

Climate-Customer-Communication - Panel discussion about sustainability in travel sales on the ITB

Experts discussed on the ITB how to communicate and sell sustainable travel products in travel agencies at the point of sales.

Review of ITB 2017

An exciting ITB week full of great events and meetings is behind us. Here you can see our highlights summarized in impressions of the ITB 2017.

dk-ferien hands over check to myclimate at the ITB

Our member Birgit Hoffmann from dk-ferien today handed over a generous check to myclimate at the ITB to compensate CO2 emissions from the journeys of their guests in Denmark.

Futouris elects expanded board of directors

Futouris, the sustainability initiative of the German tourism industry, has expanded its board of directors.

Futouris on the ITB 2017

This year, Futouris is again represented with a counter at the DRV booth as well as exciting ITB congress sessions at the ITB. Where you can find us, you will learn in our overview!

Sustainable Kitchen: New training project by Futouris and QTA

Futouris e.V. and the Quality Travel Alliance (QTA), the largest European travel agency cooperation alliance, are launching the educational project "The Sustainable Kitchen" in Egypt.

Invitation to the Futouris Info Breakfast on 9th of March 2017 at 08:30

We invite you: When? Thursday 9th of March 2017 from 8:30 am to about 9:30 am Where? Berlin Kaffeerösterei, Uhlandstraße 173/174, 10719 Berlin

Start of full-year course for Diploma “Restaurant Management”

12 students have been awarded a full-year schoarship to study for a Diploma in Restaurant Management. Now, on 1st February 2017, all 12 girls reported for their first day of class.

Excursion to Okonjima Lodge

The twelve graduates started their training program with a 4-day tour to the Okonjima Lodge offerd by the AfriCat Foundation, where they participated in an environmental education program.

Avoiding food waste: Measurement of the food waste on the Mein Schiff 4 from TUI Cruises

In order to reduce food waste on cruise ships, the expert Gregor Raimann from United Against Waste e. V. paid a visit to a TUI Cruises ship and analyzed the waste of food together with the kitchen staff.

"Sustainable Kitchen" - Market analysis for sustainability training

Raising awareness for sustainability in the hotel's kitchens is the approach of our Sustainable Kitchen project. Our research in the first milestone of the project shows that there is a high market potential for sustainability training in the hospitality sector in Egypt.

Avoidance of food waste: identifying potential savings

In six participating hotels of the Sustainable Food model project "Avoidance of food waste", measurements of the food waste in the areas of breakfast, lunch and dinner were carried out.

United against Food Waste: Kick-off of our Sustainable Food model project

The game is on: from 19th to 21st of September the kick-off events for the Sustainable Food project "Avoidance of food waste" took place in five hotels on the Greek island of Rhodes. The employess of the participating hotels were familiarized with the waste analysis tool and got all important information about the project as well as the practical implementation.

Sui generis: One of a kind in a Magic Life!

Wearing a comfortable t-shirt, usually colorful, with big bright eyes and a gentle smile, always a talkable person and willing to act, Serafim Karouzakis was not the kind of Hotel General Manager I was used in dealing with! In an instant, “sui generis” was the nickname I selected for Serafim! He had attracted my attention and I was looking forward to the day of the first TUI Magic Life Candia Maris wine tasting event.

FTI GROUP ist neues Futouris-Mitglied

Das Quartett ist komplett. Nach den Gründungsmitgliedern TUI und Thomas Cook sowie der 2015 beigetretenen DER Touristik, schließt sich nun auch der viertgrößte deutschsprachige Reiseveranstaltung der Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative an.

What a wineful summer!

“This project is about much more than it looks like!” Mr. Foskolakis says. “Sustainable winegrowing sets for our personnel a new set of thinking about local food, about wine tourism, about native treasures –vine varieties in this case- and mainly about communication with the guests”.

Sustainable dolmades? Only with vine leaves from indigenous varieties!

Dimitris Makrakis was born on Crete. He has been eating dolmades since his babyhood; homemade dolmades by his mother and grandmother. Occasionally he had been helping the ladies to wrap the dolmades ingredients into the vine leaves that they were collecting from their vineyard.

Let the wine tasting begin!

Access of hotel staff and guests to awareness and sensory experiences is a basic link of connecting sustainable winegrowing and hospitality services on Crete, Greece.

Lokale Gemeinden im Austausch mit der Don Bosco Hotel School

Gemeinsam diskutierten die Schüler der Don Bosco Hotel School mit Vertretern der lokalen Gemeinden über Umweltschutz und Abfallvermeidung.

Sustainable Winegrowing: Nikos and the Horsetail

Nikos has been a neighbor with the Horsetail for years, but he did not appreciate Horsetail at all. “I know this plant… it is a permanent resident around my vineyards. It can become a disturbing weed if I do not rotate the soil in proper time”, Nikos murmured once he saw horsetail on the screen...

KAZA Wildlife monitoring: Sleeping with lions

Nighttime visitors: While in the Angolan Luengue-Luiana National Park placing camera traps the project team of the KAZA wildlife project found pug marks of two male lions just a few hundreds meter away from their sleeping place.

Don Bosco Hotel School Sihanoukville: Nachhaltigkeitsmaßnahmen

An der Don Bosco Hotel School finden viele Aktivitäten zur Implementierung eines nachhaltigen Hotelmanagements statt. Die Einbindung der Schüler ist dabei ein wichtiger Aspekt.

Großes Interesse an Futouris-Workshop auf Kreta: Nachhaltigen Weinanbau und Tourismus verbinden

Am 21. und 22. Mai 2016 kamen Repräsentanten aller Projektpartner zum ersten „Sustainable Winegrowing“ - Workshop zusammen. Unser Projektteam stellte erste Ergebnisse vor und alle Teilnehmer diskutierten Möglichkeiten, um nachhaltigen Weinbau mit dem Tourismus zu verknüpfen.

Nachhaltiger Weinanbau und Tourismus

Das aktuelle Futouris-Projekt der TUI Österreich will nachhaltigen Weinanbau auf der Insel Kreta fördern und die Produzenten mit der Tourismuswirtschaft der Insel vernetzen.

1st Workshop on Connecting Sustainable winegrowing with Hospitality Services

On May 21 and 22, the 1st Workshop on Connecting Sustainable winegrowing with Hospitality Services takes place on Crete. Representatives from all partners of this Futouris e.V. project get together to initiate the bridging of those two important sectors of economy of the island.

Solid Waste Management in Sihanoukville

Die DBHS beschäftigt sich im Rahmen des Projektes „Sustainable Hotelmanagement“ unter anderem mit dem Thema Abfallentsorgung und Recycling. Vor kurzem stellte die kambodschanische Universitätsabsolventin Haway Dum ihre Bachelorarbeit „Solid Waste Management in Sihanoukville“ vor.

Devoted protagonists for sustainable winegrowing

Most Cretan viticulture is high-altitude: up to 850 meters above sea level. That fact, combined with the adaption of indigenous varieties and some first-class limestones and marls, means that Cretan wine defeats the expectations generated by its latitude. The task of the Futouris project for the last couple of months included training the winegrowers about sustainability aspects.

Nachhaltig genießen – gerade im Urlaub

Wichtiger Meilenstein im Branchenprojekt Sustainable Food erreicht: Auf der diesjährigen ITB wurde als zentrales Ergebnis der ersten Projektphase ein Praxishandbuch zur Nutzung in Tourismusbetrieben vorgestellt. Nun werden die darin beschriebenen Empfehlungen in den Urlaubsländern in die Tat umgesetzt.

Green Travel Transformation: Multi-Stakeholderdialog in Berlin

Auf dem Weg zur Green Economy im Tourismus: Beim Projektmeeting "Green Travel Transformation" in Berlin diskutierten die Projekt- und Praxispartner Mitte April die entwickelten Konzepte für die Identifizierung und Sichtbarmachung nachhaltiger Reiseangebote in den Buchungssystemen.

Branchenprojekt KAZA geht in die Abschlussphase

Nach zwei finalen Workshops steht das Futouris-Branchenprojekt "KAZA - Sustainable Lodges" kurz vor dem Abschluss.

Green Team in Sihanoukville, Kambodscha

Ende Januar hat sich an der DBHS (Don Bosco Hotel School) das neugeschaffene Green Team formiert.

Sustainable Food im Fokus

Im Rahmen der ITB konnte Futouris einige Neuigkeiten aus dem aktuellen Branchenprojekt vermelden: Der Entwurf des Sustainable Food-Handbuchs sowie zwei Modellprojekte für den Praxistransfer wurden vorgestellt.

Projektvorstellung Wertvolles Wasser

Auf der ITB berichteten Friederike Grupp (Thomas Cook) und Swantje Lehners (Futouris) über die Ergebnisse des Projekts "Wertvolles Wasser" in Griechenland.

Messerundgang mit Bundesminister Dr. Müller

Bundesentwicklungsminister Müller informierte sich beim gemeinsamen ITB - Rundgang mit Futouris Vorstandsvorsitzenden Hasso von Düring über die vielfältigen Bestrebungen für einen nachhaltigen Tourismus.

topbonus ist neues Futouris-Mitglied

Topbonus, das Vielfliegerprogramm von airberlin, ist neues Mitglied bei Futouris. Das erste gemeinsame Projekt "Kleine Unternehmer ganz groß" wird auf Kuba durchgeführt.

Reisen für EINE Welt – zukunftsweisender Nachhaltigkeitsgipfel der Tourismusbranche auf der ITB

Hochkarätige Besetzung des Futouris Gipfelgespräch anlässlich der ITB 2016: Vertreter von Politik, Tourismusbranche und Wissenschaft wollen sich zukünftig gemeinsam für eine nachhaltigere Tourismusentwicklung einsetzen.

Entwicklungspolitik und Tourismuswirtschaft: Gemeinsames Vorhaben zur beruflichen Weiterbildung in Namibia

Tourismus als Praxispartner für die Ziele der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit – diese gemeinsame Vision füllen die deutsche Entwicklungspolitik, Futouris und die TUI Care Foundation mit einem ersten gemeinsamen Projekt in Namibia mit Leben.

Sustainable winegrowing on Crete

Winegrowers on Crete got together at the Lyrarakis winery for tasting the first wine samples of the new vintages. The event was combined with the second awareness meeting about Futouris project “CONNECTING SUSTAINABLE WINEGROWING with the HOSPITALITY SERVICES: Focusing on Cretan varieties threatened with extinction”.

Abschlussbericht: "Neues Leben für alte Traditionen" war erfolgreich

Durch die Ausbildung von Jugendlichen im Filzhandwerk sollte die alte Tradition wiederbelebt und die Kultur von Tire erhalten bleiben. Jetzt ist der Abschlussbericht des Projektes erschienen.

Leistungsträgererhebungen in den Zielgebieten erfolgreich abgeschlossen

Der erste wichtige Meilenstein im Projekt „Sustainable Food“ ist abgeschlossen- in ausgewählten Zielgebieten wurden touristische Unternehmen zu Chancen und Risiken bzgl. Nachhaltigkeit im gastronomischen Angebot befragt.

Futouris auf der ITB 2016

Auch in diesem Jahr ist Futouris wieder auf der ITB vom 9. – 13. März 2016 in Berlin vertreten. Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie am Futouris-Counter am DRV-Gemeinschaftsstand oder bei einer unserer Veranstaltungen zu begrüßen.

Kundenbefragung zum Thema "Sustainable Food" erfolgreich gestartet

Im Rahmen des Projekts "Sustainable Food" ist gerade die Kundenbefragung angelaufen: Was denken die Gäste über nachhaltige Ernährung im Urlaub?

"Tropenwaldschützer" erfolgreich beendet

Im Rahmen des Futouris-Projekts "Tropenwaldschützer" im kubanischen Nationalpark Alexander-von-Humboldt wurde jetzt der Abschlussbericht vorgestellt.

Klimainsel Juist gewinnt Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis

Die ostfriesische Insel wurde als wichtiger Impulsgeber auf dem Weg zu einer Green Economy in der Kategorie „Deutschlands nachhaltigste Kleinstädte und Gemeinden 2015“ ausgezeichnet.

Futouris ist "Green Brand"

Futouris ist seit Montagabend offiziell eine "Green Brand". Bei einer Gala im Frankfurter Senckenberg Museum wurde die begehrte Trophäe überreicht.

Das Juister Gästeparlement geht in die zweite Runde

Ende Oktober verabschiedeten zehn Parlamentarier und zehn Juister die Zielsetzungen für das Jahr 2016.

Kriterienkatalog für Nachhaltige Landausflüge vorgestellt

Auf der Futouris-Strategietagung in Rostock stellte Gastgeber AIDA Cruises den erarbeiteten Kriterienkatalog für nachhaltige Landausflüge vor und übergab diesen im Rahmen des Mitgliedertransfers an die anderen Futouris Mitglieder.

Futouris erweitert Vorstand

Futouris gab während seiner Strategietagung am 8. und 9. Oktober in Rostock die Erweiterung des Vorstands bekannt. In Zukunft unterstützen Alexandra Brandau und Lucienne Damm den Vorstand mit ihrer Expertise.

Stakeholder-Workshop in Victoria Falls

Für den Workshop, den Futouris in Kooperation mit dem KAZA Sekretariat und der Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa (STCAA) organisiert hat, kamen verschiedene Akteure der lokalen und internationalen Tourismusindustrie zusammen, um ein Update über die Fortschritte im Bereich der gemeinsamen Tourismusentwicklung und den geplanten Aktivitäten von KAZA zu erhalten.

Klimaneutral nach Dänemark = Solarenergie für Bildung und Jobs

Der Ferienhausspezialist dk-ferien kompensiert rückwirkend zum 1. Januar 2015 den CO2-Ausstoß der Kundenanreisen und unterstützt damit das Projekt „Solarenergie für Bildung und Jobs“ von myclimate in Tansania.

DER Touristik wird Futouris Mitglied

Futouris begrüßt zum 1. September 2015 sein neues Mitglied DER Touristik. Damit sind sechs Jahre nach der Gründung von Futouris alle großen deutschen Veranstalter Mitglied.

Meilenstein erreicht: 138 grüne Landausflüge bei AIDA Cruises

Gestartet wurde das gemeinsame Projekt „Nachhaltige Landausflüge“ 2012 im Ostseeraum als Testregion - aktuell hat AIDA in allen Urlaubsregionen bereits 138 dieser grünen Touren in einer Vielzahl von Häfen im Angebot.

Neues aus unserem Branchenprojekt "Sustainable Food"

Diese Woche endete die Bewerbungsfrist für unser Branchenprojekt „Sustainable Food“. Die Ausschreibung ist auf großes Interesse gestoßen und es sind eine Reihe von Bewerbungen in der Geschäftsstelle eingegangen.

Wichtige Meilensteine im Branchenprojekt KAZA - Sustainable Lodges erfolgreich gemeistert

Wolfgang Strasdas, unser Consultant für das Futouris-Branchenprojekt „Sustainable Lodges“ in der Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA), stellte das Projekt vom 10. bis 15 Juni in Namibia und Südafrika vor und sprach mit potenziellen Projektpartnern.

Futouris erweitert Geschäftsführung

Zum 1. Juli 2015 tritt Swantje Lehners in die Geschäftsführung ein und managt den Verein gemeinsam mit Inga Meese. Anja Renner, Managerin Projekte & Kooperationen, geht für ein Jahr in Elternzeit.

Neuer Leitfaden zum Thomas Cook-Projekt "Wertvolles Wasser"

Im Rahmen des Projekts "Wertvolles Wasser" veröffentlichen Thomas Cook und Futouris einen Leitfaden für nachhaltiges Wassermanagement. Das Handbuch soll Hoteliers bei der gezielten Reduzierung des Wasserverbrauchs unterstützen.

Fahrradguides in Kapstadt radeln in den Erfolg

Vier Jahre lang hat Futouris gemeinsam mit TUI Suisse das Projekt "Life Cycles" in Kapstadt unterstützt, mit dem Ziel für junge Menschen aus der Region Kapstadt einen sicheren und zukunftsfähigen Arbeitsplatz zu schaffen. Mittlerweile steht unser lokaler Partner AWOL Tours auf sicheren finanziellen Beinen.

12 Azubis haben Ausbildung im Filzhandwerk erfolgreich abgeschlossen

Nach 2-jähriger praktischer Ausbildung in der Filzmanufaktur Arif Cön in Tire und theoretischer Ausbildung an der örtlichen Berufsschule, haben 12 Azubis ihre Ausbildung im Januar 2015 erfolgreich beendet.

Auf Mallorca wurden erste Bäume ausgepflanzt

Unser Projektpartner Jaume Fornes hat im Januar gemeinsam mit Helfern der Gemeinde Santa Margalida 80 kleine Mandelbäume unterschiedlicher vom Aussterben bedrohter Arten auf dem Gemeindegelände im Norden der Insel ausgepflanzt.

Nachhaltigkeitsprojekt „Wertvolles Wasser“ mit Eco Trophea ausgezeichnet

Das Nachhaltigkeitsprojekt "Wertvolles Wasser" hat gestern Abend die begehrte Auszeichnung EcoTrophea 2014 gewonnen.

Nachhaltig unter Wasser - richtiges Verhalten von Schnorchlern und Tauchern am Korallenriff

In Zusammenarbeit mit TUI Cruises hat die SECORE Foundation im Rahmen des Projektes „nachhaltiger Korallenschutz“ eine Kampagne zum Thema nachhaltiges Schnorcheln und Tauchen entwickelt.

Bereits mehr als 300 Mandelsorten auf Mallorca gezählt

Ein Jahr nach Projektstart unseres Reisebüro-Projekts hat unser lokaler Partner, der Biologe Jaume Fornés, bereits über 300 unterschiedliche Mandelsorten auf der Insel gezählt.

Neue Perspektiven für Jugendliche durch traditionelle Handwerksberufe

In Taroudant (Marokko) setzt die TUI Deutschland GmbH in Kooperation mit Futouris und der Non-Profit Organisation AHLI ein Projekt zur beruflichen Integration von jungen Menschen aus sozial benachteiligten Familien um.

Touristen erlernen Grundlagen des Spurenlesens

In Kooperation mit lokalen Projektträgern, welche das Trainingsprogramm vor Ort leiten, ist ein zweistündiger Rundgang entwickelt worden, bei dem Besucher die Grundlagen des Spurenlesens unter Leitung eines lokalen Khwe erlernen können.

Juist und La Gomera: Gemeinsam zur Klimaneutralität

Gestern unterschrieben Juist und die Kanareninsel La Gomera in San Sebastian de la Gomera ein Abkommen, das gemeinsame Schritte auf dem Weg zur Klimaneutralität beider Inseln vorsieht.

Life Cycle: Zwischenbericht aus Südafrika

Seit kurzem können Besucher die beliebte Township Tour durch einen weiteren klimaneutralen Ausflug bei einer Radtour durch ein Weinanbaugebiet ergänzen.

Erste Khwe als Spurenleser ausgebildet

Die ersten jungen Khwe sind bereits als Spurenleser ausgebildet und erhielten eine Schulung in der Gästebetreuung. Der erste Zwischenbericht zu unserem Projekt!

Mallorca: Mandelbäume gedeihen

In unserem Mandelbaumprojekt auf Mallorca wachsen und gedeihen die Mandelbaumsetzlinge allmählich zu kleinen Bäumchen.

Futouris wählt neuen Vorstand

Gestern wählten die Mitglieder des Vereins während einer außerordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung Hasso von Düring zu ihrem neuen Vorsitzenden. Tina Kirfel wird 1. stellvertretende Vorsitzende, Dr. Larissa Kirmair übernimmt die Verantwortung für die Finanzen.

Erlebbare Nachhaltigkeit II ist angelaufen

Nachdem im vergangenen Jahr Expedienten von Lufthansa City Center und TUI Leisure Travel das Thema Nachhaltigkeit in Südafrika erleben durften, haben die beiden Reisebüroketten gemeinsam mit Futouris und Gebeco nun Teil 2 ihres Sensibilisierungsprogramms für Reisebüros aufgelegt.

Zu Besuch in der Filzmanufaktur von Familie Cön

Anfang Mai besuchte unsere Projektmanagerin Anja das Futouris Projekt „Neues Leben für alte Traditionen“ in der Türkei und lernte in einem Crashkurs das traditionelle Filzhandwerk kennen.

AIDA: Kreuzfahrer entdecken das Land nachhaltig

Das Futouris Mitglied AIDA Cruises startet 2014 die praktische Umsetzung des Projekts „Nachhaltige Landausflüge“. Neuerdings sind Ausflüge, die nachhaltige soziale, ökologische und kulturelle Kriterien berücksichtigen, besonders gekennzeichnet.

"Wasser-Fußabdrücke": Ressourcenschonendes Wassermanagement in Hotels

Pünktlich zum bevorstehenden Weltwassertag am 22. März 2014 startet das Futouris Mitglied Thomas Cook sein neues Patenprojekt „Wertvolles Wasser“. Ziel des Projekts ist es, die Ressource Wasser durch Einsparungen im Verbrauch zu schonen.

Futouris erhält die Grüne Palme 2014

GEO SAISON zeichnet in diesem Jahr die Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative Futouris e.V. mit der Grünen Palme aus und würdigt so das Engagement aus der Mitte der Tourismusbranche als Ermutigung für die gesamte Reiseindustrie, Nachhaltigkeit zum zentralen Aspekt ihrer Geschäfte zu machen.

Futouris schützt Mallorcas Mandelblüte

Die Mandelblüte Mallorcas im Februar zu erleben, gehört zu den Höhepunkten eines Besuches auf der Baleareninsel. Doch die traditionelle Mandelzucht ist in Gefahr. Mit ihrem eigenen Projekt „Schutz der Mandelblüte“ nehmen sich die in der Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative Futouris e.V. organisierten sieben Einzelreisebüros des Themas an.

Das Reisebüro wird grün

Die Reisebüro-Kooperationsallianz QTA hat am Rande eines Branchentreffens ihr neues Futouris-Patenprojekt „ReisebüroÖkologie“ präsentiert. Das Ziel des ehrgeizigen Plans: das Thema Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus in den rund 7.000 Mitgliedsbüros mit einer Reihe abgestimmter Maßnahmen langfristig zu verankern.

Futouris und PATA kooperieren

Die Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative Futouris und das Deutsche Chapter der Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) arbeiten künftig enger zusammen. Andreas Wiehn, 1. Vorsitzender von PATA Deutschland, und Jens Hulvershorn, Kooperationsbeauftragter des Futouris Vorstandes, besiegelten die Kooperation am Rande eines Branchenevents in Köln.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Gössling ist neuer Vorstand von Futouris - Strategietagung stellt Weichen für 2014

Klimaforscher Stefan Gössling ist neuer Vorstand der Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative Futouris. Vorgänger Jens Hulvershorn wurde ins neu geschaffene Advisory Board berufen. Mit dem geplanten Innovationszentrum stößt Futouris in neue Dimensionen vor.

Lufthansa City Center, TUI Leisure Travel und Gebeco haben gemeinsames Schulungsformat erfolgreich gestartet

Die Reisebürokooperationen TUI Leisure Travel (TLT) und Lufthansa City Center (LCC) sowie der Studien- und Erlebnisreiseveranstalter Gebeco haben ein neues Schulungskonzept entwickelt, das vor kurzem erstmals in einer Testphase erfolgreich erprobt wurde.

Futouris und ASA kooperieren - Nachhaltigkeit wird zum Thema für Tourismus in Afrika

Die Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative Futouris und die Arbeits-gemeinschaft Südliches und Östliches Afrika (ASA) e.V. haben eine verstärkte Zusammenarbeit vereinbart. Zu diesem Zweck wird ASA erster offizieller Förderpartner von Futouris.

"Sustainable Lodges" in der KAZA-Region werden neues Futouris-Branchenprojekt

Seit vergangenem Freitag ist es offiziell: Mit dem neuen Branchenprojekt „Sustainable Lodges“ richtet die touristische Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative Futouris e.V. ihren Blick auf das südliche Afrika.

Reisebüro-Kooperationsallianz QTA ist neues Mitglied bei Futouris

Nachdem sich am 1. Januar 2013 sechs Reisebüros für ein Engagement bei Futouris, der Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative der deutschen Tourismuswirtschaft, entschieden haben, überrascht der Verein nun mit einem Schwergewicht des deutschen Reisevertriebs als Mitglied – seit 5. März ist die Reisebüro-Kooperationsallianz QTA im Kreis der Futouristen aufgenommen.

Nachhaltigkeit am Counter erleben – sechs Reisebüros werden Mitglied bei Futouris

Mit der erstmaligen Aufnahme von sechs Reisebüros erweitert die Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative Futouris zukünftig ihr Handlungsfeld im Bereich des stationären Vertriebs.

KlimaInsel Juist – Analyse zur Energiewende startet

Bis zum Jahr 2030 will die Insel Juist als erste touristische Destination klimaneutral sein. Mit einer Analyse zur Ausgangslage zur Energiewende geht die Inselgemeinde nun einen weiteren konkreten Schritt in diese Richtung.

Von der Insel auf die KlimaInsel – Tourismusminister von La Gomera besucht Nordseeinsel Juist

Die Inselgemeinde Juist strebt an, bis 2030 die erste klimaneutrale Tourismusdestination in Deutschland zu werden. Jetzt machte sich der Minister für Wirtschaft, Industrie und Tourismus der kanarischen Inselgemeinde La Gomera, Fernando Méndez Borges, auf den Weg nach Juist, um sich die Fortschritte vor Ort anzusehen.

Alexandra Beital neuer Finanzvorstand von Futouris

Arne Kretschmer geht, Alexandra Beital kommt. Die 29- Jährige wurde während der Futouris-Strategietagung auf Juist in den vierköpfigen Futouris-Vorstand gewählt.

Strategietagung der Futouris-Mitglieder auf Juist erfolgreich

Vom 21. bis 23. Juni trafen sich die Futouristen auf der Nordseeinsel Juist – auch um sich vor Ort ein Bild vom aktuellen Futouris-Branchenprojekt „Klimainsel Juist“ zu machen.

Reiseveranstalter starten Ökostrom–Wettbewerb

Unter diesem Motto "Alle reden über das Wetter, aber wer tut wirklich etwas für das Klima?" wurde jetzt die Futouris Klimaschutz-Meisterschaft gestartet, bei der führende internationale Reiseveranstalter gegeneinander antreten.

Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten neues Mitglied der Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative Futouris

Zu Beginn des Jahres 2012 kann Futouris erneut Zuwachs vermelden: Ab sofort ist Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten neues Mitglied des Vereins.