I'm a Futourist

Jyrki Oksanen Manager Central Europe, Visit Finland

because we have brought sustainability to the forefront of our tourism strategy in Finland and want to develop our skills, knowledge and networks accordingly.

Visit Finland

Finland’s untouched and pristine nature is at the core of Finnish life and its sanctity is paramount. Living sustainably and in harmony with the environment is deep-rooted here and is an essential element of responsible travel. This includes not only a respect for nature and wildlife, but also people and their age-old customs.

The goal of Visit Finland is to make Finland one of the most sustainable travel destinations in the world. To this end, a nationwide Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme was launched in 2019. Currently, 600 companies participate in the STF programme and 73 companies have already been awarded the label. The municipality of Posio in Lapland was the first region in Finland to receive the Sustainable Travel Certificate last year.

Sponsoring the following projects

Travelling climate-consciously

The tourism industry is a major contributor to global warming, accounting for around 8% of all emissions. In order to substantially and measurably reduce the absolute carbon emissions of the industry and also to help customers choose more climate-friendly holidays, Futouris and its members are developing a standard for the calculation of carbon emissions from the individual components of the (tourism) value chain.

Plastic-free holidays on Balearic Islands

Reducing the plastic waste generated by tourism and improving the recycling of unavoidable plastic waste on Balearic Islands – these are the goals of the industry project "Plastic-free holidays on the Balearic Islands" the Futouris members are implementing together with the Government of the Balearic Islands.