I'm a Futourist

Heribert Frey Managing Director Pforzheimer Reisebüro GmbH

because travelling connects people and cultures, educates and creates understanding and appreciation between people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Travelling means freedom, diversity, unforgettable experiences and formative impressions. The tourism industry in particular is called upon to work for the preservation of the natural and cultural diversity of our planet.

Pforzheimer Reisebüro GmbH

Pforzheimer Reisebüro GmbH operates a Lufthansa City Center and two TUI ReiseCenters in Pforzheim and the surrounding area and employs around 50 people. With our business travel service, we serve more than 800 corporate customers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Early on, our company, which was founded in 1956, took up the topic of sustainability and environmental awareness and incorporated them into its mission statement. With our membership at Futouris, we would like to contribute to shaping the future of travel in a sustainable way and are happy to support the diverse projects for the preservation of nature, culture and the creation of jobs in structurally weak areas.

Sponsoring the following project

Plastic-free holidays on Balearic Islands

Reducing the plastic waste generated by tourism and improving the recycling of unavoidable plastic waste on Balearic Islands – these are the goals of the industry project "Plastic-free holidays on the Balearic Islands" the Futouris members are implementing together with the Government of the Balearic Islands.