I'm a Futourist

Birgit Hoffmann dk-ferien travel agency

because as the owner of a small travel agency I'd like to set an example: The global responsibility lies not only with the big names of the industry but sustainable behaviour is also important in our direct neighbourhood.


The holiday home agency dk-ferien focuses on Danish cottages where German travelers can find relaxation far from the hustle and bustle of the cities in harmony with nature. We provide our customers with advice concerning power-saving, provide them with information on responsible seal watching and fishing, inform about waste sorting in Denmark and try to organise most arrivals on days with few traffic jams. We personally know all of the houses of our portfolio, describe them in detail and try to meet all of our customers' wishes.

Sponsoring the following projects

"Bee good" - protection of insects and bees

Insects pollinate around 80% of our native crops and wild plants and make a major contribution to the preservation of biodiversity. In the frame of our new joint project dk-ferien is committed to the protection of insects, especially bees. The project aims on strengthening the awareness of holidaymakers and guests for the importance of insects and bees for our ecosystem as well as for their protection.

Plastic-free holidays on Balearic Islands

Reducing the plastic waste generated by tourism and improving the recycling of unavoidable plastic waste on Balearic Islands – these are the goals of the industry project "Plastic-free holidays on the Balearic Islands" the Futouris members are implementing together with the Government of the Balearic Islands.

Information on seal protection in Denmark

Watching seals in the wild, on the beach or on sandbanks is a very special holiday experience. Holidaymakers can do this at the Danish coasts of the Baltic Sea and North Sea almost all year round. In order to protect these cute little sea creatures from the impact of tourism it is important to follow some crucial rules of conduct.

Sustainable Food - guest communication

Where does the food that is offered on the buffet come from, how is it produced, is the food on my plate typical for the country? These are questions inwhich more and more travelers are interested.

Avoiding Food Waste, Mediterranean region

Food waste measurements in the participating hotel are carried out in cooperation with United Against Waste e.V. and their waste analysis tool. Based on the findings, a set of recommendations will be developed to promote a more responsible handling of food.

Sustainable fishing pleasures, Denmark

The projects aims at sensitizing german speaking anglers and tourists with the development of a sustainable fishing manual in order to preserve danish fish stocks.

Solar power for education and jobs, Tanzania

Dk-ferien compensates the CO2-emissions of the arrivals since the 1st January 2015 and supports a project from myclimate in Tansania.

Sustainable Food, Mediterranean region

The members of Futouris e.V. want to develop a more sustainable range of dishes and drinks in hotels and on cruise ships and to promote local supply chains.

Climate-neutral island Juist, Germany

Futouris helps Juist to reach the climate-neutral status and become a global flagship project with scientific expertise as well as with financial and political support.

KAZA - Sustainable Lodges

The commitment of the Futouris' members in the KAZA - Kavango Zambesi Transfrontier Area- aims at creating a concept for the sustainable development of tourism and improve the marketing possibilities for sustainable lodges.