I'm a Futourist

Ingo Lies Founder and owner Chamäleon

because Chamäleon's goal has always been to give people in the destinations a better life and to preserve nature.


  • 70% of the tour price goes to the destination, to the local partners, accommodations and tour guides.
  • 59 social, income-generating und ecological projects worldwide are supported by the Chamäleon foundation.
  • 11 million square meters of rainforest have been purchased and proclaimed as nature reserve so far. For the carbon footprint, for the animals, for the indigenous people. Every guest receives a plot of 100 m².
  • For 0 Euros climate-friendly to the airport: Rail&Fly is included.
  • 500.000 plastic bottles are saved each year thanks to our “NatureBottles” which are filled with fresh water for our guests.
  • With 5.000 Euros endowed: Our accommodation award for outstanding investments in processes and facilities with which the local partners support our idea of sustainable tourism.

Since its founding in 1996, Chameleon's goal has been to be a pioneer in the development of sustainable tourism. The TourCert certification is a milestone, we still have a lot planned. In 45 countries and at our climate-optimized headquarter in Berlin.

Sponsoring the following project

Plastic-free holidays on Balearic Islands

Reducing the plastic waste generated by tourism and improving the recycling of unavoidable plastic waste on Balearic Islands – these are the goals of the industry project "Plastic-free holidays on the Balearic Islands" the Futouris members are implementing together with the Government of the Balearic Islands.