Scientific advisory committee

As the industry initiative for sustainability we want to ensure a high standard of sustainability in our projects, guarantee the up-to-dateness of the sustainbility debate and recognize innovations in this area. Leading international scientists support Futouris and its member companies – acting as advisors and partners, but also as critics and challengers!

Together with the Scientific Advisory Committee we developed standards for the Futouris’ projects and define accreditation procedures. Every project applications is being examined by two members of the Advisory Board by means of the sustainability criteria, evaluated and further developed, if necesssary. This procedure enables the continuous comparison of project standards with the newest research knowledge and thus ensures the longterm maintenance and qualification of Futouris’ sustainability claim.

The following international scientists from different disciplines participate voluntarily in the Futouris’ Advisory Board and ensure an up-to-date and intensive debate taking into account the newest knowledge from tourism research:


Prof. Dr. Edgar Kreilkamp

kreilkampProf. Dr. Edgar Kreilkamp was the head of the Tourism Management at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. Prof. Kreilkamp has been retired since April 2018, but is still active at the university. He supervises dissertations and leads various research projects, especially on the topics of climate change and tourism, as well as sustainability in tourism. As part of the “Green Travel Transformation” project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the necessary conditions were created to increase the share of sustainable holidays in the tour operator market. The focus was on increasing transparency of sustainable holidays as the basis for objective customer information. The goal of a current follow-up project is to assess the entire travel chain in terms of sustainability. Besides his engagement at Futouris Professor Kreilkamp is active in various innovation and sustainability initiatives, such as the CIST “Center for Innovation & Sustainability in Tourism” or in the “Think Tank of Travel Industry Clubs”.



Prof. Dr. Jürg Stettler

stettlerProf. Dr. Jürg Stettler is head of the Institute for Tourism Economics ITW as well as vice director and Head of Research at Lucerne School of Business. The Institute concentrates on all relevant questions about the management of tourist destinations as well as about the mobility of people especially in the areas of public transport and leisure travel and tourism transport. Another focus is sustainable development in tourism. Jürg Stettler’s thematic priorities are destination management, sustainable development in tourism, as well as the economic impact, sustainability and legacy of major sporting events. For several years he has also been intensively involved in the topic of overtourism.



Dr. Christian Baumgartner

Prof. Dr. Christian Baumgartner is a landscape ecologist and founder of response & ability. Before that he has been working for over 20 years in the international NGO sector at “respect – Institute for Integrative Tourism and Development” that he also founded. In addition to his work as a professor for sustainable tourism and international development at the University of Applied Sciences in Grisons, he teaches business ethics in Austria and regularly teaches in an international context (China, Azerbaijan, etc.). He is also a member of numerous national and international tourism advisory boards. Christian Baumgartner specializes in the development and implementation of projects in sustainable tourism and sustainable regional development and has accompanied numerous development projects in Europe and Southeast Asia. He is currently very involved in sustainable tourism development on the Danube and the Balkans as well as in Caucasus (e.g. Georgia) and Central Asia (e.g. Kyrgyzstan).



Prof. Dr. Dietmar Todt

todtProf. Dr. Dietmar Todt is Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Biology at the Free University Berlin. His voluntary activities for Futouris includes contributions dealing with sustainability relating to nature conservation as well as animal and nature protection. Todt’s special suitability for these topics can be seen – apart from his broad biological knowledge (Phd in Botany – Tübingen 1962 and habilitation in zoology – Feiburg 1970) – also in the great success of specific ecological projects in touristically relevant regions in Africa and Eastasia. As director of the international recognized Berlin Institute for behavioural biology (1975 to 2003) he lead several expeditions and stocktakings of the flora and fauna from the north to the south of the African continent. Professor Todt’s projects in East Asia deal with the protection of river dolphins which are living in Irrawaddy (Myanmar) and in Mekong (Cambodia) and whose existence is threatened. In colloboration with the WWF, the NABU and the LPF the “Research Group Todt” proposed a number of measures to ensure the survival of the dolphins. The proposals can help Thailand and its neighbors to use their river systems more sustainable than currently, also for touristic purposes.



Prof. Dr. Dagmar Lund-Durlacher


Univ. Dr. Dagmar Lund-Durlacher is a full professor at the Institute for Tourism and Service Management at the Modul University of Vienna. She has been researching, teaching and publishing in the field of sustainable tourism for many years, whereby in recent years she has shifted her focus from classic consumer behavior research and marketing to the topics of CSR, climate change, mobility and transformation processes in tourism. She works in numerous international scientific networks and as a scientific and technical consultant for national and international organizations. Dagmar has carried out a number of publicly funded projects in the context of sustainability in tourism. Information on current research projects can be found here.


Prof. Dr. Julia Beelitz


After international studies (D / NZ / UK) in business administration, sociology and geography, Prof. Dr. Julia E. Beelitz (née Peters) has been active in tourism education and research since 2007. In 2015, she came to the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten. As a professor for “Sustainability and International Management”, she focuses on questions of sustainable mass tourism, the analysis of globally relevant niche segments and the field of tourism philosophy.

She is a member of the scientific advisory boards of Futouris, forum anders reisen e.V. and the German Society for Tourism Science (DGT e.V.). Furthermore, she is active in the Tourism Research Working Group of the German Society for Geography. As a co-editor of the magazine for tourism sciences, through her work as a jury member (including EcoTrophea, fairwärts) and her involvement in cooperative digital educational offers (e.g. lecture series, media appearances), she is intensively advocating the transfer of education between science and practice.


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmude

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmude holds the chair for “Economic Geography and Tourism Research“ at the department for Geography at the Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich since 2008. He is also head of the department of Geography. Prof. Dr. Schmude is teaching economic geography in bachelors, masters and professions program. As a member of the SOCRATES exchange program he teaches once a year in Lecce (Italy). His main research focuses on tourism research, sustainability and CSR as well as the geography of France. His main interests lie on economic disparities in general as well as the impacts of global and climate change on tourism. Since November 2015 Schmude is the president of the German Association for Tourism Studies (DGT e.V.).



Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas studied environmental planning with a focus on tourism in Hanover and Seattle. Since 2002 he has been a professor at the faculty of Sustainable Economics at the University of Eberswalde where he directs the Sustainable Tourism Management Master’s programme and the ZENAT Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism. In 2001 he wrote his PhD dissertation on ecotourism in Mexico and Belize. Currently, his work emphasis is on protected area management, tourism in developing countries, corporate social responsibility and certification in tourism, as well as climate protection and adaptation to climate change. Apart from Futouris, Wolfgang Strasdas is a member of the scientific advisory council of forum anders reisen, the certification council of TourCert, the German National Committee on UNESCO Geoparks as well as the jury for the Destination Nature Award, which is granted by the Deutsche Bahn and leading German environmental organisations. Furthermore, he represents Eberswalde University in the BEST Education Network and the European TRIANGLE network for sustainable tourism.





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