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Preserving the heritage of holiday destinations and developing a sustainable future for the travel industry - that is what Futouris stands for! Our members are committed to the improvement of living conditions, the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of environment and climate. Our aim is to help - in the long-term, comprehensively and sustainably. All measures are planned and implemented in close collaboration with the local people.


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The Futourists

Get to know all of Futouris' member companies and their worldwide projects.

Executive Board, Team & Patrons

Futouris' executive board, team and patrons - get to know the people behind the organisation.

Scientific project support: the Futouris advisory board

Leading international scientists support Futouris and its member companies in developing projects – acting as advisors and partners, but also as critics and challengers!

Futouris network

Futouris built up a broad network of local and international organisations and uses intensive partnerships for the project implementation. All partners are presented here.


Facts and figures

Here you can find our annual reports and infographics.


Here you can find all Futouris Tools which have been developed in our projects, important documents and more interesting ressources.