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Preserving the natural and cultural heritage of our world and shaping the future of tourism in a sustainable way - that is what Futouris stands for. Together we aim at developing and implementing pilot projects and innovations which enable more responsibility and sustainability in destinations and in the business activity of tourism companies.


As a company or on a personal basis: You can contribute to shape tourism's future in a sustainable way - become a Futourist!

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Significant waste reduction by saving over 600,000 disposable plastic items in hotels

The Futouris industry project, launched in 2019, has seen a significant reduction in single-use plastic in participating hotels in Mallorca and Ibiza: Over 600,000 single-use plastic items were reduced through the installation of water dispensers, the use of refillable shower and shampoo dispensers or communication to guests.


Futouris publishes guidance on how to reduce (single-use) plastic in tourism businesses

As part of its industry project "Plastic-free holidays in the Balearic Islands" Futouris has created a guidance on how to reduce (single-use) plastic. The guidance supports hotels and tourism businesses in finding more sustainable alternatives to most-common used single-use plastic products such as plastic water bottles, straws or cups.


Gebeco and Futouris support the development of a community-based training and tourism project in Namibia

Futouris and Gebeco are expanding their joint commitment for better living conditions of a Khwe community in Namibia and supporting the establishment of a community-based training and visitor center, the so-called "Cultural Village".

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