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KAZA – the Kavango Zambesi Transfrontier area – is the biggest coherent wildlife reserve in the world. It includes 36 national parks, wildife reserves and private reserves on an area as big as Sweden. Here lies for example the Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta. Apart from its size and its ecological diversity the cross-border character of the area between Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Sambia and Zimbabwe is unique.

Already in the middle of the 1980's Sambia started a so called Campfire Initiative to include the local people into the management of natural ressources. Since than approaches for "Community Based Natural Ressources Management" have been implemented in almost all of the five partern countries (except Angola, which has not been pacified until 2003). Today, it is an integral part of the KAZA countries' policies to ensure a share of the income from tourism and wildlife protection for the local people.

Project goals:

The long-term goal of the tourism development in KAZA is to enable international tourists to stay in the area and cross borders without passport- visa- or other logistical obstacles. The partner countries of KAZA hope that the regional collaboration will help weakly developed rural regions to economically develop in a sustainable way and to stop rural depopulation.

The commitment of the Futouris' members aims to create a binding standard for sustainable lodges in KAZA. The project's goal is to establish a common identity and marketing possibility for the lodge owners in KAZA and to provide a qualified orientation help for tourism companies and individual tourists during the booking process.

Apart from that the standards function as guiding principles and help for the implementation of sustainable, resource-saving and socially responsible operating concepts. It is hoped that the implementation of these concepts will help to fight against poverty. Examples fort the stringent sustainability orientation are e.g.: use of local reusable materials and energy, recycling of industrial water, employment of the local people and the use of regional products. Thereby job opportunity can be created and the local people can get a share of the income from tourism.

News about this project


Now online available: Overview map of “sustainable lodges” in the KAZA region

Since the beginning of June, an online map provides an overview of the “sustainable lodges” in the KAZA area for product managers of tour operators. The map aims at providing qualified guidance for tour operators in establishing a sustainable supply chain management.

Branchenprojekt KAZA geht in die Abschlussphase

Nach zwei finalen Workshops steht das Futouris-Branchenprojekt "KAZA - Sustainable Lodges" kurz vor dem Abschluss.

Stakeholder-Workshop in Victoria Falls

Für den Workshop, den Futouris in Kooperation mit dem KAZA Sekretariat und der Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa (STCAA) organisiert hat, kamen verschiedene Akteure der lokalen und internationalen Tourismusindustrie zusammen, um ein Update über die Fortschritte im Bereich der gemeinsamen Tourismusentwicklung und den geplanten Aktivitäten von KAZA zu erhalten.

Wichtige Meilensteine im Branchenprojekt KAZA - Sustainable Lodges erfolgreich gemeistert

Wolfgang Strasdas, unser Consultant für das Futouris-Branchenprojekt „Sustainable Lodges“ in der Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA), stellte das Projekt vom 10. bis 15 Juni in Namibia und Südafrika vor und sprach mit potenziellen Projektpartnern.

"Sustainable Lodges" in der KAZA-Region werden neues Futouris-Branchenprojekt

Seit vergangenem Freitag ist es offiziell: Mit dem neuen Branchenprojekt „Sustainable Lodges“ richtet die touristische Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative Futouris e.V. ihren Blick auf das südliche Afrika.

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