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1) Project development for members: Futouris has a broad global network of project partners, with which we already completed 30 projects since our founding in 2009. Together with each member we define the sustainability profile of the company as well as the specific requirements for a suitable pProject and develop it together with local partners.

2) High credibility of Futouris as an independent partner / accreditation by the Scientific Advisory Committee: All Futouris projects are accredited by an independent scientific advisory committee. That is how we ensure the sustainability orientation of our projects as well as the highest credibility for our member’s commitment.

3) Projekt management and controllingom on behalf of our members: Futouris functions as the interface between the company and the local project partners and takes over the task of project implementation and controlling.

4) Supporting the members by communicating their sustainability engagement: If desired, Futouris provides the member’s press office with press material of the project.

5) Press and Public Relations: Futouris communicates the projects and the sustainability commitment of their members in the trade and popular press as well as in the Social Media. Futouris is also present at trade fairs and events to represent their members.

6) Legwork concerning customer communication: Commitment for sustainability Unternehmensengagement is been positively recognised and increasingly expected by guests. In addition to their project commitment the Futouris members sensitize their guests for sustainability. In collaboration with the member Futouris develops the material.

7) Futouris network for a sustainable tourism: In the Futouris network sustainability experst from the tourism industry and renowned scientists exchange opinions about current findings from the tourism research, successfully implemented sustainability measures and projects. As a member you can develop and implement joint approaches together with companies from the same industry. You get impulses for the ustainability strategy of your company and as a part ofthe Futouris network you live up to the current and future challenges of a sustainable tourism.

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Managing Director
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