Solar Power Supply - Ramada Health Centre, Kenya

Project location

Ramada, Kenya

Project duration and start

1 year, 2009

Project sponsor

Thomas Cook Reisen, Neckermann Germany, Thomas Cook Austria / Neckermann Reisen Österreich

Project description

As a central power supply system in remote regions of Kenya does not exist, the use of solar energy is simultaneously the best and the most climate-friendly possibility with which to operate water treatment, light supply and to generate electricity in an economically sustainable manner.

At the Ramada health centre more than 10 000 patients are treated yearly.  Electricity is a basic prerequisite for technologically advanced medical care. By installing a solar plant, operating the necessary medical equipment was made possible.

Due to the threatening drinking water shortage in the Ramada region, a well to supply drinking water was built. With the help of the solar plant, up to 20 000 litres of drinking water can be pumped from a depth of 156 m daily. The solar energy supply operates in a climate caring way, lending a decisive contribution to medical care, food security for the people and the sustainable development of the region.

Project goals

  • Long-term safeguarding of the power supply by modernising the solar plant
  • Utilising the solar energy’s potential for sustainable and fair development of the Ramada region

Project partner / Project coordinator

Medical Assistance in Africa NPO

Local Partner: Medical Assistance in Africa

Futouris Support Commence