Windpark Yuntdağ, Turkey

Project location

Yuntdağ, Region Izmir, Turkey

Project duration and start

1 year, 2008

Project sponsor

TUI Germany

Project description

Wind energy is believed to be the key technology against climate change. It uses no fuel, is available to virtually every country in the world, is endless in its supply and is climate-friendly, Futouris e. V. therefore, supports the Wind Farm Yuntdağ in Turkey, which is currently the second biggest wind energy plant in the country. The 17 turbines have been in use since 2008 and produce 160 800MWh electrical energy yearly. This project has been registered with Gold Standard since 31 July 2008.

Climate Protection and Sustainable Development Results

As a result of the Wind Farm Yuntdağ more than 300 000 people are supplied with renewable energy and in doing so a reduction of 100 000 t CO2 emissions can be achieved yearly. Aside from climate protection the project also contributes to the state of the local population’s health by avoiding pollutant emissions that would have been released through the use of fossil fuel energy carriers. In addition, the project is, through the transfer of technology, conducive to the sustainable development of Turkey and the creation of jobs.

Project partner / Project coordinator

myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership