Biological Diversity in the Taita Hills Reserve, Kenya

Project location

Taita Hills, Kenya

Project duration and start

1 year, 2009

Project Sponsor

Founded by All Members of Futouris

Project description

Through the influence of global climate change, drought in conjunction with bushfires and the heavy grazing by the big herbivores (especially elephants), many originally forested areas in Kenya have been transformed into semi-desert-like bush and grass savannahs. 

Sub-project A. Reforestation

Big herbivores are excluded from the Taita Hills Sanctuary where an area surface of 25 ha is being reforested. In the neighbouring communities Msorongo and Mwashuma tree nurseries are being established where the seedlings can be bought.  The reforestation adds to the conservation of the ecosystem and the biological diversity as well as contributes to the local population’s livelihood.

Sub-project B: Environmental Education

  • Establishing and outfitting of “Wildlife Clubs” in the schools of the Makitau and Msorongo communities
  • Equipping the schools and communities for nature conservation education / and with training units
  • Study trips for the students into the Taita Hills
  • Integrating the students by way of, tree planting, the establishing of tree nurseries and the execution of clean-up actions


Sub-project C: Regional Development, Local Farming

  • Consultation for and support of the local farmers to improve the Agro-Biodiversity (supplementing corn and beans with Jatropha, chilli, aloe and citrus fruits)
  • Creating awareness amongst the farmers for the economic and ecological value of sustainable use

Project goals

  • Regeneration of the biological diversity through reforestation
  • Integrating the people from nearby communities in the reforestation work and cultivation of the seedlings, as well as creating new employment opportunities in the tree nurseries
  • Raising awareness in the nearby communities, amongst other things through the establishment of “Wildlife Clubs”


Project partner / Project coordinator

Futouris Project Coordinator in Kenya: Mr. Abdulaziz Abdalla, Pollman’s Tours and Safaris Ltd

Local Partnership Organization: Friends of Tsavo Charitable Trust