Construction of a Whale and Dolphin Observation Network

Project location

Teno-Rasca Marine Strip, Tenerife

Project duration and start

1 year, 2009

Project Sponsor

TUI Germany

Project description

In the area around La Gomera and Tenerife, a number of permanent resident populations, including about 500 pilot whales and approximately 400 large porpoises - all together about 15 types - are regularly to be found here.  The local partner organisation, Buena Proa, has developed a concept, which integrates the captains of whale watching boats and fishermen with the scientific data survey. This simultaneously creates awareness for the protection of the whales and dolphins. Training and the handing out of books, in which the boat crews’ sightings have systematically been logged, are regularly undertaken.

Project goals

  • Creating awareness amongst the fishermen and boatmen for the danger that whales and dolphins are facing and for responsible interaction with the animals
  • The building up of a whale and dolphin observation network involving fishermen and boatmen
  • Systematic recording and reporting of sightings by network members
  • Improving the database of the seasonal spread of the various types and their preferred habitats
  • Scientific analysis of the data by marine biologists
  • Passing on and publication of the data as the bases for effective protective measures

Project partner / Project coordinator

Partner Organisation: Buena Proa NRO, Lanzarote, Las Palmas      

Project Coordinator: Maria del Mar Cañado Caparrós, marine biologist